Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time: Dominating the box office

Naomi Ludlow | Arts & Entertainment Editor


 Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time have taken over the box office.

Black Panther has been the No. 1 movie in the world for five consecutive weeks, and A Wrinkle in Time has been trailing right behind it since its opening weekend.

Both movies had African American directors and were provided with substantial budgets of at least $100 million. Ava DuVernay, the director for A Wrinkle in Time, is the first female African American director to ever hold this high of a position in a big-name studio.

In just five weeks of being in theaters, Black Panther surpassed the $1 billion mark worldwide. In every country that it has been released, the film has done exceedingly well, as if it were in the states.

The director behind this magic is Ryan Coogler, who previously directed the movies Fruitvale Station and Creed.

His work in these two movies has led to the more creative and distinctive side of his career.

A Wrinkle in Time, on the other hand, had a diverse cast starring Storm Reid, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and many others.

The movie derived from the book by Madeleine L’Engle and sought to attract families with children between ages 8 and 14. However, following the weekend opening, A Wrinkle in Time wasn’t so successful.

Winfrey and the other stars heavily promoted the movie, with the timing for the release being around spring break. Although the results weren’t exactly as expected, the movie still ranked high with a No. 2 spot in the box office.

The movie is expected to do even better in Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Britain.

The value of Black Panther goes beyond dollar figures.

A tweet about Black Panther said, “[The film had the] most Black people, as dark as me, on screen that I’ve ever seen that wasn’t a comedy or period piece about slavery.”

It is important, especially for younger generations, to have positive representations of African Americans in movies for inspiration. From the directors to the cast, it is imperative to portray positive depictions of the black community.


Marvel’s Black Panther takes the box office by storm

Carlie Beard | Staff Writer

Marvel Studios

Chadwick Boseman, the main character in Black Panther, is starring in the most anticipated film for 2018. The film is set to hit theaters soon, and audiences have been ready for it since the trailer was released in the summer of 2017.

Due to the hype surrounding the film, the tickets for its showings were released almost a month in advance and sold out within 24 hours. Black Panther is said to be the best-selling movie when it comes to presales for any Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Even Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, who is a part of the film’s cast, couldn’t get a ticket for the premiere of the movie when she tried to purchase one. Nyong’o took to Twitter and posted a video about her experience, saying, “I kid you not…I was trying to purchase tickets, and they [were] sold out. Sold out!”

Yikes! If Nyong’o can’t get a ticket, then who will? Luckily, HU students have a chance to win tickets to see the film. The African Student Association is having a Black Panther movie ticket raffle. The organization is raffling off two tickets to see Black Panther on opening night. The tickets are $1 each, and the sale ends on Feb. 15, so you don’t want to miss out.

The Black Panther was introduced more than 50 years ago after being featured in a Marvel comic book. He made his movie debut in Captain America: Civil War and now finally has his own movie.

The film is set in Wakanda, which is located in northeastern Africa. Based on the vibrant clothing choices and tribal face paint, the film seems to be influenced by African culture.

The movie also hints at a historical reference. Black Panther’s advertisement poster is a recreation of a picture of former Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton.

The star-studded cast includes Forest Whitaker, Michael B. Jordan, Angela Bassett and Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya, to name a few.

Black Panther is highly anticipated because Marvel has never had a black character star in their own film. The release of this movie signifies a step toward more diversity and African-American representation in the movie industry. Black Panther will open in theaters Friday, Feb. 16.