Delta Sigma Theta, Iota Phi Theta, and HU NAACP discuss #BlackLivesMatter

Marquise Brown | Staff Writer

Hampton, Virginia -Hampton University brought five scholars to discuss the black lives matter movement and its effects of African-American culture. The speakers of the night shared some common goals  that was to promote black lives matter, make young African American makes realize that their lives do matter and be positive.  

The panel allowed students from all majors to ask questions. The panelists discussed how blacks are stereotyped because of skin color and how the concept of ‘driving while black’ has gotten worse.

Hampton University police officer Michael Stewart stated “That we must reach back, and that African Americans are struggling because they don’t have the education to better themselves”. The panel explained how police brutality has transformed over the years. Stewart continued, “Anger has grown over time the right to discipline has gone. “Police officers have to get more training on social skills instead of drawing their weapon”.