Obamas-Netflix partnership sparks excitement

Kyra Robinson | Staff Writer

Netflix picture.jpg
Kyra Robinson

Top streaming service, Netflix, and Barack and Michelle Obama are currently discussing the creation of a new series that could significantly benefit both Netflix and the political power couple.

According to The New York Times, while politics will play a major factor in the focus of the show, Obama is not planning to use it as a platform to reply to President Trump and his criticism of Democrats and Obama-era policies.

The programs will be centered on issues that the President and First Lady addressed on when they were in the White House, such as health care, immigration, and nutrition.

Sophomore Nia Saunders, who has not been pleased with recent selections on Netflix, believes this project will be very positive one.

“I don’t think the show should be used to respond to Trump,” the Political Science major said, “Their legacy is far bigger than that. I hope they devote the show to positivity and uplifting the masses.”

The New York Times interviewed Eric Shultz, Obama’s senior advisor while he was in office, who noted that the Obamas always had a passion for inspirational storytelling.

The Obamas will be able to reach over 100 million people with this streaming service. With already 101 million people following Barack Obama’s Twitter, a ready-made viewing audience is anticipated.

Strategic Communications major and sophomore Kenya Cummins is a film fanatic who enjoys what Netflix has done with its original content. She also loves the Obamas for their “level-headedness and strength.” She believes this move will benefit Netflix financially and bring in more subscribers.

“The voice[s] of the Obamas [are] among some of the strongest and most influential in modern history,” she explained.

“They have iconic personalities. Having a window into their true emotions and opinions will absolutely make an interesting show.”

Like Saunders, Cummins does not think the show should be used to address conservatives and the current circumstances with the Trump administration.

She believes what the Obamas have the ability to do is so much bigger than that.

While Cummins would prefer the Obamas tour and give speeches, Saunders believes she will become a regular viewer if the Netflix show becomes a reality.

“As a black woman, Obama’s voice means hope to me,” Saunders said, “His power means hope for our own future, hope for our own legacy, and hope for our own success.”