Hampton University School of Liberal Arts Receives $517,000 Grant from Mellon Foundation


Marquise Brown | Staff Writer

Hampton VA- Hampton University is seeking to  expand their educational programs. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has given a $517,000 grant to the Hampton University School of Liberal Arts in order to support the creation of a center for Teaching and Learning in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

The mission of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is to “strengthen, promote and,where necessary, defend the contributions of the humanities and the arts to human flourishing and to the well- being of diverse and democratic societies.”

A news release from Hampton says “The center will be home to projects that are designed to increase student success through exposure to and engagement with the humanities,arts, and social sciences.”

“I think that this grant is fantastic and much needed,” said Peter Savedge, a junior history major from Surry County, VA,. “Often times students who aren’t necessarily majoring in one of these academic areas (arts, social sciences, the humanities ) do enough to get through them at the prerequisite level and don’t fully appreciate the impact they have.”

“Hopefully, this grant will help foster a greater interest in the humanities, generate more participation in cultural events beyond it being a class requirement, and promote a cooperation amongst all academic areas.”

The Dean of Liberal Arts, Dr. Linda Malone- Colon said, “We look forward to implementing the various programs which are designed to maximize student learning outcomes and develop students who are knowledge producers, innovators and creators of solutions to some of the most pressing societal and global issues.”

According to the university’s website , the center projects will include the following : Writing across the curriculum program; Academic Enrichment events series; the University 101 program; and a faculty development program. These projects will enhance the humanities, arts and social science experiences of Hampton University  undergraduate students.

This will be reflected in greater self- confidence, independence, improved academic performance, and ultimately, student success. The hope is that the long- term impact of the grant will be tremendous in adding to the “Home-by-the-Sea” experience.