China book deal leads to student scholarships

Amber Smith | Staff Writer

President William R. Harvey | Stephanie Smith

President Dr. William R. Harvey launched his book, The Principles of Leadership, in China via video correspondence Thursday night. The book was highly anticipated by the people of China who expressed their excitement for the release. Every penny of the proceeds from the book will contribute to scholarships for students at Hampton University.

“My book is designed to assist current and aspiring leaders in their particular domain,” said Dr. Harvey.

Dr. Harvey expressed his gratitude and excitement for the book expansion to billions of viewers in China in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications’ television studio. A key component that Dr. Harvey wants readers in China to gain from the book is the importance of trust.

“Trust is the foundation for any personal or professional relationship. Whether it is in the United States, on Hampton University’s campus or in China, trust is key for any leader,” said Dr. Harvey.

President Dr. Harvey and his wife have donated over $3 million in scholarships to students and institutions on Hampton University’s campus over the years, and donating 100 percent of the proceeds from his book deal in China are sure to boost these contributions.

“We are going to continue to support our students here in all kinds of ways, just as we have always done,” said Dr. Harvey.

Although President Dr. Harvey was unable to be physically present for the launch, the enthusiasm from the people of China was immense.

“I am pleased to connect with people of China, a country that I loved when I visited, and to have people learn from the principles of my leadership model is a pleasure,” said Dr. Harvey.

The promoters for The Principles of Leadership suspect that the book will do amazing in China due to the great interest. This will ultimately benefit students here at Hampton University and contribute to their education.

“Leadership is not easy; it does not mean that you put your finger in the wind and follow that direction. You have to do what you think is right and best, and let the chips fall where they may,” said Dr. Harvey.

Dr. Harvey’s book was released in the U.S. in 2016. The book is focused on 10 principles that distinguish effective leaders in life and business. The principles are vision, work ethic, academic excellence, team building, innovation, courage, management, fairness, fiscal conservatism and results.

This is a great opportunity, as it is Hampton University’s 150th and Dr. Harvey’s 40th anniversary celebration. Principles of Leadership can be purchased in Hampton University’s newly renovated bookstore, or online at for $24.99.


Global Awareness Day: Encouragement of study abroad programs

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Captivating cultures were discussed at Hampton University’s Global Awareness Day. The School of Liberal Arts and Education and the Department of English and Foreign Languages came together to enlighten students about the privileges of studying abroad. Harvey Library Meeting Room was filled with students from all backgrounds and majors to learn more about this process.

“Going to Spain is a wonderful experience. You will be working, experiencing new opportunities and earning money,” said Brenda Marrero.

Study abroad programs are open to students from any major, and fluency in a certain foreign language is not required. The faculty and staff from the study abroad programs and the foreign language department are there to support students who desire to travel abroad.

If students want to study abroad, they are well prepared to make the transition to another country comfortable. The faculty and staff want students to be able to be competitive and have confidence while they are traveling in another country.

“Being aware of other cultures and picking up a second language is very helpful in the professional world,” said junior Olivia Staples.

Global Awareness Day not only encouraged students to expand their learning by studying abroad, but also urged students to get involved by using their skills to give back to the community. One way students can do this is through programs like the Spanish Latino Initiative.

The Spanish Latino Initiative was created in 2015 and is designed to serve the community with professional development, education and training. Latino youth are less likely to be enrolled in school, and this program aims to help improve that by aiding with English courses.

“There is nothing better than being able to say [that] I, as a student, helped another student,” said Victoria Cartagena, HU Hispanic and Latino Initiative participant.

While traveling to another country may seem frightening or uncomfortable for some, the study abroad programs ensure that students will be safe and secure in their designated countries.

Students who travel abroad will have the opportunity to make long-lasting relationships, network, learn and gain real-world experience beyond the classroom. The connections and memories made abroad will stay with students forever.

Get in the Game: Sports industry experts visit HU

Amber Smith | Staff Writer

Hampton University

Experts came and shared valuable insight on the ins and outs of the sports industry with Hampton University students during a panel discussion in Scripps Howard Auditorium last week.

On November 8th, panelists Kelli Webb, publicist and founder of the KBD group, Aaron Rouse, former NFL safety, Carl Francis, NFLPA Director of Communications, and Tony Brothers, NBA referee all graced Scripps with an open forum.

Scripps professor, April Woodard and students from her JAC 320 class hosted the event and had the opportunity to ask panelists current event questions.

Panelists were each interviewed individually then as a panel.

Questions were raised as to how to react in a crisis, respond to social issues, and remain professional when dealing with celebrity clients.

Many of the experts also gave advice on how to prosper in the industry.

“In cases where clients do feel the need to speak up it is our job to help them harness the power of their platform and tweak their messaging so that it is presented in a way that it is intended to be,” said Webb.

Students were interested in how the panelists responded to the recent movement with athletes kneeling during the national anthem and the controversy surrounding the issue, while remaining professional.

“If I was still in the NFL I would’ve definitely taken a knee, regardless how you feel about Colin Kaepernick,” said former NFL safety Carl Francis.

“It is important for us to really come together as a Black community and show unity.”

Panelists also discussed a major aspect of the sports industry: the power of social media as a positive and negative tool.

Brothers provided a first-hand account of social media’s impact when talking about the death threats he received via social media after officiating a big game.

“After I called a play at a game I received a death threat from someone and the police had to stay with me for a couple hours after the game to be sure nothing was going to come about from that threat,” NBA referee, Tony Brothers said.

The sports industry may not always be all fun and games but many of the panelists insist that working hard and making the right contacts while using your resources is the ultimate key to succeed in this business.

Opening Convocation: The beginning to an end

Amber Smith | Staff Writer

Courtesy of Mary Sesay

The 75th Opening Convocation ceremony left a bittersweet feeling on the class of Ogre Phi Ogre XVI.

This annual fall ceremony for the seniors at Hampton stood as a reminder of what lies ahead.

The ceremony for Dr. William R. Harvey’s 40th year as Hampton’s president was remarkable, with words from senior class president Kris Anderson, Harvey and Calvin L. Butts, the keynote speaker and Hampton University alumnus. The inspiring words given by each speaker and the music sung by the Symphonic choir contrib- uted to the momentous celebra- tion of the hard work the seniors have accomplished thus far.
The historical tradition left many of the seniors feeling nostalgic of the start of their journey at Hampton University to now.

“Sitting there in my cap and gown, listening to the speakers made everything feel very surreal. It seems like I was a freshman just yesterday and now I’m here,” Hampton University senior Jessica Branch said.

Butts’ address delved into his time as a student at Hampton and how it impacted his life and the person he is today. Butts’ most honest advice to the seniors was about being present in communicating with others:

“The best advice I can give you is to stop communicating with your fingers.”

This statement hit home for many of the people sitting in Ogden as it was followed by a big applause from the seniors.

While it may seem like many of the graduating seniors’ time at Hampton University is slowly coming to an end, there is much more work to be done and many more memories to be made.


Graduation is eight months away, and although many seniors are looking forward to the momentous day, they are also determined to make the most of their nal months here.

Christopher Bates, Hampton’s Mr. Pirate and Mr. Senior, reflected on his college passage and how the gradual longing to stay is increasing.


“This ceremony put in per- spective that I will soon be an alumni and begin my journey in the real world,” Bates said. “[It’s] such a warm bittersweet feeling just knowing that my time at Hampton University is slowly coming to an end.”