“All My Clippers” : The DeAndre Jordan Soap Opera



Wesley Eggleston | Staff Writer

Lets recap the last two weeks of NBA Free Agency, shall we?

“DeAndre Jordan agrees to sign with the Mavericks, leaving the Clippers… wait, the Los Angeles Clippers players, along with head coach Doc Rivers, have barricaded themselves in DeAndre Jordan’s home in Dallas and refuse to leave until deal is done… DeAndre Jordan officially resigns with the Los Angeles Clippers. “

Wait, what just happened?  If you have been keeping up at home, DeAndre Jordan, formerly of the Los Angeles Clippers and unofficially of the Dallas Mavericks, is a Clipper again.  It was a crazy sequence in a night of NBA free agency action, especially if you get the notifications on your smartphone. The decision, unprofessionally made by Jordan, is just a bad look for DeAndre Jordan and his brand, although it was fully in his right to do.  DeAndre would have been receiving his money no matter what team he picked between the two so money probably wasn’t a factor in the large scheme of things.

Many believe Cuban’s team is in a slow but sure rebuilding stage after winning a title in 2011. In spite of this, the Mavs still won 50 games this past season so maybe “rebuilding” isn’t the right word when you have a guy like Dirk Nowitzki on your roster. And newsflash to DeAndre Jordan: Playing in Dallas might have given you the championship mentoring you desire, as opposed to getting a lecture everyday from a guy that has not won a championship yet.

Superstars with a championship pedigree “show, they don’t tell” and Dirk knows what it takes to win a championship because he has a ring. . He potentially could have shown Jordan the right way to carry himself with a championship-like attitude because it is a little easier to talk the talk when you’ve successfully completed the walk. It was reported by FOX Sports in May, shortly after LA lost to Houston in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals, that “[Chris] Paul’s well-known edginess and drive ground on Jordan’s nerves for much of the year.”

The report also mentioned that “Paul’s view that Jordan lacked the appropriate commitment to working on his free throws, including not working enough with the Clippers shooting coach on that issue” furthered worsened the relationship between the two.  Jordan may have been annoyed by CP3 but perhaps he now realizes there was a method to Paul’s “madness”. The Clippers have  signed another Paul in future Hall of Famer Paul Pierce, who does have the championship on his resume and hopefully his voice in the locker room will register louder in Jordan’s head.

It would have only enhanced the dynamic of the Mavs having Jordan as the center doing what he does well in the middle: swatting shots out into the crowd, grabbing double digit rebounds for his club, and the dirty work that goes unnoticed every night.  Jordan is one of the best in the business when it comes to those unnoticed stats and it has to be largely because everyone focuses on his poor free throw shooting. Cuban was certainly aware of his presence and had put all his jellybeans in one jar for him to be with his team in 2015-16, completely disregarding Jordan’s shortcomings.

Following this story as a basketball fan was bizarre but it’s finally over.  The Clippers will be back in contention for several more years to come with Jordan as their center.  Hopefully there will be no more rifts, and they can go about their business of winning for their rock star owner.  But rest assured when we, as fans, hear the first word of locker room issues within the Clippers organization, we will have an idea where the rift is coming from because it is nothing new.

Honestly, though, how mad can Jordan get at Paul when he reaps the scoring benefit of all the lobs he throws him?  Few players in the league have Chris Paul’s court awareness, and Jordan most likely wasn’t going to have the same chemistry, well at least not immediately in the start of the season, with the Mavs starting point guard, who we now know will be Deron Williams.

On July 11 in an interview during a Mavericks summer league game, Cuban was asked about Jordan and said, “Who? I have no idea who you’re talking about.  I’m trying to figure out who you’re talking about?” His response, needless to say, made it pretty clear that he is already over Jordan and his brand. It’s a cold business but this episode seems to have finally come to a resolution, even if bad blood will forever exist between the two parties. NBA fans should be in for a real treat when these two teams meet this upcoming season; fireworks are sure to ensue.


Confederate Flag take down Opens doors for University of South Carolina Athletic Programs



Brianna Jackson | Contributing Writer

While South Carolina’s state legislature approved to take down the Confederate flag from Capitol grounds, new doors have been opened for the University of South Carolina. On July 10, approximately 10 a.m., hundreds of people surrounded the state’s Capitol building to watch the flag-lowering ceremony. The patrol officers handed over the flag to one of the state’s two black Cabinet-level officials, Department of Public Safety Director Leroy Smith.

Back in 2000, the flag was discarded from the State House to the grounds. This agreement, however, wasn’t competent enough for the national NAACP, which caused a tourism boycott of the state in 1999 and continued through the flag’s removal. Later in 2001, the NAACP took up the cause stating that any pre-determined championships had to bypass South Carolina.

The boycott caused Columbia’s Colonial Life Arena and Greenville’s Bon Secours Wellness Arena to miss hosting some NCAA Tournament basketball games. Myrtle Beach also lost a three-year deal to host the ACC baseball tournament because of the controversy.

The NCAA wouldn’t constitute performance-based championship events and also, denied the state any consideration of bowl games and other postseason events.

University of South Carolina Athletic Director Ray Tanner hoped that if the flag did come down, it would cease the boycott and USC could begin bidding on other postseason festivities. Over the last few days, Tanner’s dreams may be starting to come true as the flag came down and the NAACP ended their 15-year ban two days later.

“There have been some opportunities that have not been possible in the past that we would not get a chance to engage in,” said Tanner in a July 8th interview, “If the flag is removed and the sanctions are lifted. then we can bid for events, whether it’s a women’s regional championship or basketball for the men, the first or second rounds, and other events around the state.”

Although the flag coming down sparks small change, USC, or the state as a whole, likely won’t see a major athletic event anytime soon. Basketball regional sites are set through 2018 and baseball postseason tournaments have also been scheduled for the foreseeable future.

But the Gamecocks will be in position to secure events in the next decade, instead of watching NCAA tournaments in neighboring Georgia and North Carolina, who have enjoyed their share of events. The future’s looking bright for South Carolina and their collegiate athletic programs and it won’t be long before they start to reap the benefits denied to them for so many years.

The Game Announces “The Documentary 2” to be Released in August



Aliya Drake | Staff Writer

The highly anticipated sequel to rapper The Game’s 2005 Grammy nominated album The Documentary,was supposed to release on June 30th but has still yet to drop. Now the album, Documentary 2, is slated to be released August 7. The original Documentary went double platinum and has sold over five million copies worldwide.

With Dr. Dre and 50 Cent as executive producers, the album went number one on the Billboard 200 and was the 10th best selling album of 2005. All of the success from The Game’s first album is giving the Documentary 2 some huge shoes to fill.

Two of The Documentary biggest hits were “How We Do” and “Hate It or Love It”. Both songs feature rapper 50 cent and were produced by Dr. Dre, Cool & Dre, and B.G. Knocc Out. Shortly before the release of the album, The Game entered a huge dispute with G-Unit which resulted in his removal from the group. Rapper 50 Cent said, “Without the support of G-Unit, he would not score a hit if he made a second album.”

This statement was proven untrue when The Game dropped Doctor’s Advocate in 2006 after leaving G-Unit and signing with Geffen Records. This album was not produced by Dr. Dre but it did include some great producers such as Kanye West, Just Blaze, Scott Storch, Hi- Tek, Will.I.Am, and Swizz Beatz.

It sold  over 358,000 copies within the first week, 3,000,000 copies worldwide, and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. This is now The Game’s second number one album in a row, proving to 50 Cent that he is a great artist with or without his help.

The first single to drop from The Documentary 2 is “Ambitionz of a Ryda” featuring Dej Loaf. The song touches on The Game’s definition of a girl that will be there for him through thick and thin. This song is unlike most of The Game’s hard hitting singles with heavy lyricism, but it is very similar to the adaptation of Hip-Hop with today’s generation.

Kyndall Brown, a 19 year-old Temple University student and a huge fan of The Game stated, “One of my favorites song on The Documentary is Hate It or Love It. I remember when the album came out. It was one of the most successful albums to come from G-Unit. Now that The Game doesn’t have the backing of a successful group like G-Unit, only time will tell if the demand for this new album will be as high as it was for the original.”

With this upcoming album supposedly releasing 10 years after the double platinum selling album, The Documentary, fans are hoping The Game proves his rap skills are still hard hitting and relevant. As fans wait for the release of The Documentary 2, they should revisit The Documentary for a memory of The Game and the music they are awaiting.

HU all-time great and NBA Champion, Rick Mahorn to be inducted into Hampton Roads HOF



Moriah Felder | Staff Writer

Hampton University basketball great, Rick Mahorn, will be inducted into the Hampton Roads Sports Hall of Fame in Portsmouth this fall as a member of the 2015 induction class.

The 6’10¨ power forward attended “Our Home By the Sea” from 1976-80. When he left HU in 1980, he was the all-time leader in scoring and rebounding, with 2,418 points and 1,465 rebounds. He also holds the school record for most points in a single season (855 in 79-80), most career average points per game (20.3), and most points scored in a single game (48 points against St. Augustine’s in 1980).

In 1980, Mahorn became the first player from Hampton to be drafted into the NBA, when he was selected in the second round by the Washington Bullets.

While in the NBA, Mahorn gained a reputation for being a physical player. During his time with the Detroit Pistons during the late 80’s, Mahorn and his teammates became known as the “Bad Boys”. One announcer called Rick Mahorn the “Baddest Boy¨ of them all. In 1989, he and the Detroit Pistons won the NBA championship and became known as one of the best NBA teams of all time.

He retired in 1999 after playing 18 seasons in the NBA. In 2005, the WNBA’s Detroit Shock hired Mahorn as an assistant coach to fellow bad boy, Bill Laimbeer. The duo went on to lead the team to two WNBA championships.

When Mahorn left Hampton in 1980, he was 12 credits shy of completing his degree. 35 years later, he decided to finish what he started and completed his degree requirements and received his Bachelor of Arts on May 11, 2015.

Rick Mahorn currently works as a radio analyst for the Detroit Pistons.

The 2015 Hampton Roads Sports Hall of Fame class also includes Norfolk native and baseball player Hank Foiles, Virginia Beach native and two-sport athlete D.J. Dozier, former Old Dominion University basketball coach Sonny Allen, University of Virginia soccer player Angela Hucles , and football player and desegregation trailblazer Andrew Heidelberg from Norfolk.

The Induction ceremony will be held on October 20 at Norfolk Scope Arena.

Bill Cosby Admits to giving Prescription Drugs to Women for Sex


Desmond Smalley | Contributing Writer

Bill Cosby’s character is more than the Cliff Huxtable image. In 2005, he admitted to giving prescription Quaaludes to women he desired to have sex with. Documents came from a civil lawsuit against Cosby filed by Andrea Constand, one of the many women who rightfully accused the television idol of sexual assault. Networks have attempted to contact publicist and lawyers for Cosby’s  response to the information in the documents. There was very little success. “We have no plans to issue a statement,” his publicist, David Brokaw issued in a statement.

While Cosby confessed to having several prescriptions of  Quaaludes with intentions of giving it to young women, he has not admitted to the performance of drugging any of his accusers. Under oath, Cosby answered question from Constant attorney, Dolores Troiani back in 2005.

“When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?” Troiani asked. “Yes,” Cosby replied. Then when asked if he ever given any of those young women Quaaludes without their knowledge, Cosby attorney interjected an objection and told him not to answer the question.

Cosby indicated giving drugs to “other people,” but when asked if he gave other people Quaaludes knowing they were illegal, Cosby attorney interposed again, explaining that his client recognized giving them only to a woman whose name is legally involved. Cosby later testified that he “misunderstood” woman, meaning (the woman whose name is redacted), not “women,” even though neither word were used in attorney Troiani question.

In this, several women have accused Cosby of sexual assault, such as Victoria Valentino. She stated, “I think the message has to be that fame and wealth and power cannot exempt you from justice,” she said in an interview. “You cannot exempt anyone from the law.”

As well as, several HBCU’s who subject to the removal of Bill Cosby from his Board of Trustee positions. All in which, our very own Home by the Sea, Hampton University has yet to make a statement. However, the legal bargaining is still up in the air.

Many are unsure of the consequences Cosby may face, being that all of the sexual assaults allegedly happened during the early ‘60’s, ‘70’s, and ‘80’s. Bringing about complications within the statute of limitations. Chole Goins claimed Cosby assaulted her in 2008. She came forth to LA police this year.

Her attorney stating she may be the first accuser to have a case against Cosby that still falls in the statute of limitations. Goins claimed Cosby sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion. “She was drugged. She doesn’t know what happened. She blacked out and woke up finding Mr. Cosby over her as she was in a state of complete undress,” attorney Spencer Kuvin said in January.

At this moment, the revelation of this newly confession brings hope to the many accusers, but subtle storms in the legal stance of the Cosby allege actions.

Serena Williams wins Wimbledon 2015



Moriah Felder | Staff Writer

Serena Williams won her sixth Wimbledon title on Saturday, beating Garbine Muguruza of Spain in two straight sets (6-4, 6-4).

This win for Williams marks her 21st Grand Slam victory which makes her second all-time, behind Steffi Graf (22), since the beginning of the Open Era in 1968. Four more Grand Slam wins would pass Margaret Smith Court for the most Grand Slam titles of all time.

This is her second ¨Serena Slam¨, winning four major tournaments in a row, including last year’s U.S. Open, this year’s French Open and Australian Open. She won her first ¨Serena Slam” in 2002-03.

Serena is now poised to win her fourth consecutive U.S. Open championship. Winning the 2015 U.S. Open tournament would accomplish a feat that has not been performed since Graf in 1988, winning the calendar-year Grand Slam.

Serena Williams also became the oldest women’s tennis player to win a Grand Slam championship at 33 years and nine months, which only adds to her growing legendary status.

Williams did not have an easy road to the Wimbledon title, playing the tough England native Heather Watson in the fourth round and then having to beat her sister Venus to advance to the quarterfinals. She then had to play long time rivals Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova in order to make it to the final match.

ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue: 24 ‘Chosen Ones’ step up to score big in 2015


Jaelyn Allen | Staff Writer

This year’s lineup for ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue” includes sports icons such as tennis champion Venus Williams, Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers, U.S. women’s soccer star Ali Krieger and Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Since the first Body Issue in 2009,the publication’s popularity has continually increased. The objective of the yearly issue is to celebrate chiseled bodies, healthy lifestyles and the uniqueness of each individual athlete featured. Every year, they feature a variety of athletes of different ages and from all walks of life. This 2015 issue has Olympians, NFL players, and even athletes who compete in field hockey, archery, and rugby.

Of the 24 featured athletes, only six are chosen to grace the covers of the Body Issue. “We have 10 possible covers,” said the Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Chad Millman. “We’ll choose six covers, and we’ll be upset about all the ones we don’t get to choose.” Love, Beckham Jr., Washington Nationals’ star Bryce Harper; and Olympians Natalie Coughlin, Amanda Bingson and Chantae McMillan were the chosen ones.

ESPN The Magazine has no problem finding athletes who want to bare it all for this annual issue. “We have a lot of athletes who come to us and say, ‘We’re dying to be in the Body Issue,’ which is a great thing, a great position to be in,” said the Magazine’s Deputy Editor Neely Lohmann. “You would always like to get your Lebron, people like Venus Williams, who is someone I always wanted and she did it last year.”

The athletes chosen to be in this issue bare not only  their perfectly chiseled bodies but also talk about their insecurities. Natalie Coughlin recalls, “There were times when I wasn’t happy with my body, but I always knew that I was really fit and that it was what allowed me to be successful in the pool.”

Bryce Harper offers some great dieting advice. “Either you put crap into your body and feel lazy all day, or you put good stuff into your system and you feel great every single day.”  Amanda Bingson also shares a very valuable quote about loving your body type. “Whatever your body type is, just use it. There are definitely things that I can do that skinnier people can’t do. But then there are things that skinnier people can do that I’ll never be able to do, like run a marathon. There’s just no way that will ever happen.”

ESPN The Magazine’s 2015 Body Issue is full of great, positive body-centric quotes from amazing athletes. As of July 6, the issue was made available online and is on newsstands now.

Movie Review: “Jurassic World” Rips a few records in Hollywood



Aliah Williamson | Copy Desk

The Steven Spielberg film, “Jurassic World,” crashed onto the scene and smashed records in Hollywood and worldwide. In addition to having the largest worldwide opening in history grossing $524.4 million, it was also the first film to ever make more than $500 million in the first week. On June 22, 2015, “Jurassic World” became the fastest film to reach $1 billion ever according to the Internet Movie Database.

The excitement of these achievements carried on even two weeks after the release with theaters still being packed across the country. But what’s the big deal about “Jurassic World” ? Is it truly worth the hype? Or is it just another crazy movie fad similar to the “Fast and Furious” series or “Twilight”? Overall, the movie delivers on excitement and action as well as providing enough nostalgia for fans of the original movies.

Steven Spielberg is already in the Hollywood Hall of Fame for being a fantastic director with a creative mind who crafts exciting plots. Jurassic World is the fourth movie in the Jurassic Park film series, which began in 1993. The previous Jurassic movies were recognized for being pioneers in the computer generated film industry. Jurassic World upheld this standard with more than stellar graphics to make the dinosaurs lifelike and believable. Universal Pictures made the Jurassic World movie appeal to all audiences, as a great movie should.

There was just enough science terminology and technological information to interest those who are really into Dinosaurs and genomes. Yet the information was not too high-tech and geeky to bore or confuse younger audiences or those simply not interested in the subject.

There was just enough family struggle and relationship angst without making the film super cheesy. The plot was simple enough to enjoy. More blood and action but also had viewers leaving with thoughts on human greed. It showed how corporations/businesses have warped our thinking and understanding of nature.

For fans of the past Jurassic Park movies, “Jurassic World” paid excellent homage to the movies that came before. The movie is definitely one that should be watched multiple times. There are many interesting nods to the old movies that might be missed on first view.

Some viewers however complained that the Jurassic movies have taken the same format and have become predictable. Geryn Harris, a Junior Comprehensive Art major from Richmond, VA., said “It was…similar to the first [movie] as far as them being naive [and] a little predictable. But the action was still great.” For many who may not be as familiar with the movies, this particular point might not  hamper the excitement of watching the movie and the film could still be considered a thoroughly enjoyable family film.

Jurassic World was successful at least in conveying a message of social responsibility to its audiences. Many leaving the theaters couldn’t help but think about how humans have been the bane of existence to all creatures and nature since industrializing. While some may not be willing to pay the extra $5-$6 required to see the movie in Imax 3D, it can be assumed that the movie would have been made several times better. The picture quality and the images were beautiful.

The dinosaurs were believable and the plot was enjoyable. Jurassic World may have done so well in theaters because of the memory of how well the other movies performed and people were excited to bring this next generation in to experience the magic. Thanks to the wild success of the film, there are already talks of a sequel. Many are already expressing a desire to see it, perhaps in Imax 3D this time.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. stripped of WBO Welterweight Title



Jaelyn Allen | Staff Writer

On July 6, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was stripped of WBO Welterweight Title he won against Manny Pacquiao in May. The welterweight boxing champion missed the deadline by which he had to pay a $200,000 sanctioning fee from “the Fight of the Century” which was just a fraction of the $220 million+ he earned. He also failed to vacate the two junior middleweight titles that he also holds.

Mayweather beat Pacquiao in a 147-pound unification fight on May 2nd, claiming the World Boxing Organization welterweight title. Financially, the fight broke multiple records, including total gross, pay-per-view subscriptions, closed circuit revenue, live gate, foreign television sales and sponsorships.

It is against sanctioning rules for boxers to hold titles in multiple weight classes. In its resolution on Monday, the WBO wrote, “The WBO World Championship Committee is allowed no other alternative but to cease to recognize Mr. Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the WBO Welterweight Champion of the World and vacate his title for failing to comply with our WBO regulations of World Championship contests.” The WBC and WBA, however, were lenient with Mayweather and allowed him to hold their titles.

The Mayweather camp called the ruling “a complete disgrace.” Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe told ESPN.com, “Floyd will decide what, or if any, actions he will take. But in the meantime he’s enjoying a couple hundred million he made from his last outing and this has zero impact on anything he does.”

At the post-Pacquiao fight news conference, Mayweather spoke about plans to vacate all his titles in order to let younger fighters have the chance to win belts. “I don’t know if it will be Monday [May 4th] or maybe a couple weeks,” he said to the press. “I’ll talk to my team and see what we need to do. Other fighters need a chance. Give other fighters a chance. I’m not greedy. I’m a world champion in two different weight classes. It’s time to let other fighters fight for the belt.”

Mayweather’s decision to ignore the WBO’s requests will not impact him financially nor will it affect his record (48-0, 26 KOs). Ultimately, it all comes down to money. The WBO wanted to be paid for the fight and Mayweather did not want to pay them, especially when he already planned on relinquishing his titles.

His opponent, Manny Pacquiao, told AFP that he thought the WBO had been fair to Mayweather. “Maybe he just didn’t want to pay the sanctioning fee,” he said. “He was given enough time to fulfill his responsibilities as WBO champion and to decide whether he should relinquish his WBO 147 pound crown.”

He has 14 days to appeal the WBO’s decision, although it is unlikely that the ruling will change. If the issue is not resolved, the title is expected to go to Timothy Bradley, who beat Jessie Vargas in an interim title bout last month. According to Ellerbe, Mayweather has not decided whether or not he wants to appeal. “We have the best attorney in the game, John Hornewer, and we are fully aware of what our rights are,” he said. “Floyd will decide what he wants to do.”

In his 19-year career, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has won 11 world titles in five weight classes, from 130-154 pounds. The 38-year-old fighter plans to retire after his next fight, which is scheduled for September 12, completing his six-fight contract with Showtime/CBS. There are talks that the bout could be aired live for free on CBS, which would give the often criticized Mayweather a happy, fan-friendly ending to what has been a very long and successful career.

Someone Needs to Have Rihanna’s Money: “BBHMM” Music Video



Aliah Williamson | Copy Desk

Rihanna continues to please fans and shock the world with her artistic expression. This time with the release of her video released on July 1 for “B*tch Better Have My Money.” The twitter-verse exploded with excitement over the video, with users either excitedly tweeting about how cutting-edge the video was or criticizing Rihanna for her extreme violence.

Many feminists also cut into Rihanna, condemning her overuse of the B-word and showcasing violence against other women. Bad Gal RiRi for one, does not give a flip what people think about her and is relaying a message in her usual butt-kicking, take no prisoners way. Too many have been taking the video for it’s literal interpretation and not expanding their minds to understand exactly what it is that Rihanna is trying to expose to us.

Reaching 17 million views in 5 days, the video features Rihanna as a strong and sexy mob boss who kidnaps a pretty and opulently rich woman with the help of two equally erotic and exotic cohorts,. The video continues as they travel the country with their hostage in tow while implied violence and nudity ensue.

At the end of the video we discover that the hostage is the wife of Rihanna’s incompetent accountant who has caused her to go bankrupt while he parties with naked women and showers them in cash. Understandably, Rihanna is not happy with this and punishes him the way any crazy, deranged, blood-thirst woman would.

Interestingly enough the objects of Rihanna’s rage and revenge are Caucasian. It brings to mind the current state of the entertainment industry where people of color use their talents and abilities to make extreme amounts of money that is in turn handled by Caucasian agents, accountants and producers. Many a singer or athlete has been shown to be making millions of dollars, but end up broke, bankrupt and in other dire financial situations.

The entertainment industry has often been equated to modern day slavery. Rihanna has made it clear that she will take no more of this. According to TMZ Rihanna has been facing financial struggles due to her “bone-headed accountant” who lost her millions. Rihanna makes it clear, whether literal or figurative. what she will do to a B*tch (be it male or female) if they continue to trifle with her money. She has made a point that needed to be said, if not for the good of her African-American colleagues in the industry, then for her financially illiterate brothers and sisters.

Why exactly is Rihanna’s video being criticized? As far as one can see, it contains no more nudity, sex, violence, drugs or blood than your run of the mill R-rated movie! Alexandria Richards, a Journalism major from Howard County, MD said, “I loved it but it’s not that gory at all. It’s what you would see on any crime show.” Rihanna’s use of the B-word was also heavily condemned, but after watching the video you will understand that she is not using the word to put down other women.

The disparagement of Rihanna and the video stars choice of scanty outfits misses a major point. Throughout the video, no matter what the women are wearing (or not wearing) they are not doing it to be sexually attractive to another male. They are wearing what they want out of a sense of confidence and independence.

It is very empowering to see the difference. To take the video for face value, and not even assume or guess that Rihanna is using artistic expression to make a point is hypocritical. Great entertainers such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Madonna have showcased videos with questionable violence and scary threats, but those were not taken seriously. We do not label those women as misogynists or expect that they might be secret, psycho killers.

For years Rihanna has shown herself to be a powerhouse with a serious DGAF attitude. Taylor Williams, a Junior Geographical Information Systems major from Baltimore, MD said, “I feel Rihanna really tries to emphasize her power as a woman in this world where men are seen as the go-getters and hustlers. She’s like ‘I am a woman who is about my business so respect me, but if you don’t I will get mine regardless’.” Leah Joseph, a Junior from Columbia, MD said “She’s a boss as* b*tch and that’s why I love her. Her whole look as an artist and her music portrays that perfectly.”

As for the video itself, some thought the video was largely overhyped and didn’t portray as much sexploitation as critics had made it seem. In the seven-minute video, there is a lot to decipher and discuss, whether about feminism, racism, money, the entertainment industry or any number of other controversial topics. Despite the naysayers and crying feminists, cheers to Rihanna for taking a stand, doing what she wants and sending a serious message to whoever may cross her.