Bloomberg co-founder discusses diversity

Jaylen Harris | Staff Writer Gabryelle Awkard “I love coming home to Hampton, it feels like a second home now,” said Matthew Winkler, Bloomberg News co-founder and editor-in-chief emeritus. Winkler came to visit our “Home by the Sea” to speak with Hampton’s future journalists. The Sept. 25 event started at 4:30 p.m. in Scripps Howard auditorium; seats were filled as the session began with students enthusiastically taking notes, their full attention on him. Winkler spoke on many topics, from the beginning of Bloomberg, the state of journalism and where he is now in his career. Winkler’s journalism career began upon … Continue reading Bloomberg co-founder discusses diversity

Gourmet Bucks: Students’ true feelings

Jalen Byrd | Staff Writer Gourmet Bucks are finally here! All students know what they are: the $75 that Hampton University places in the student’s account every semester —as long as the student in question has signed up for a meal plan. Beginning approximately a month after the school years starts, students can use their Gourmet Bucks to purchase food from the university’s Chick-fil-A, Pirate Grill, Planet Smoothie and Starbucks. Initially, this $75 seems like a generous luxury the school gives its students, or at least that is what it may seem from the outside. I was amazed to find … Continue reading Gourmet Bucks: Students’ true feelings

The Empire State of Mind

Chevmonay Gaines | Staff Writer A new law in New York took effect July 1, requiring public schools to include mental health education in their health curriculum. The state’s revised and improved legislation is expected to not only teach students about mental health but also help them notice the signs of struggle among themselves and others. MaryEllen Elia, New York’s education commissioner, shared her stance in an email issued to NBC News: “When young people learn about mental health and that it is an important aspect of overall health and well-being, the likelihood increases they will be able to effectively … Continue reading The Empire State of Mind

Breaking the social stigma

Noa Cadet | Staff Writer Society is constantly changing. Societal norms are shifting and what could previously be considered taboo and awkward to discuss is now becoming increasingly acceptable amongst the general public. One of these changes is a growing acceptance regarding proper sexual education. On Monday, Sept. 24, the residents of James and Virginia Cleveland Hall gathered for the annual “Sex in an Envelope” discussion, which involved a slideshow presentation spearheaded by the Health Center. This presentation, paired with interactive activities, taught Hampton University students about the risks of unprotected sex. However, unlike sexual education lessons students might remember … Continue reading Breaking the social stigma

The Return of Homecoming

Brandi Howliet | Staff Writer Homecoming: the time of year when Hampton students go “all out” for a week straight. It’s also looked at as the official kickoff celebration for the school year. Are you wondering about the new events added to this year’s festivities? Or are you wondering about what artists we’ll have for the concert? Just about everyone else on campus is, too. These questions have been asked frequently regarding this year’s Homecoming. Although many other schools’ students know what guests they will have by now, Hampton has yet to release any specific details regarding this year’s concert. … Continue reading The Return of Homecoming

Deuces, y’all. Next stop: 100 Days

Inayah Avant | Campus Editor (Top Left to Right) Jazmine Love, Jessica Bromell, Aubree Brabham, De’Chelle Steele, Nia Grifffin, Jasmine Sellers, Shaidai Dunnock (Bottom Left to Right) Alondra Young, Alexis Abby, Cori Jones | Photo by Cori Jones A clear blue sky greets the graduating seniors as they excitedly make their way to the Hampton University Convention Center for the Seventy-Sixth Annual Fall Convocation Address. The air is alight with a zealous buzz as the students, faculty, and staff file in to find their respective seats, and there is a sense of finality and comraderie in the almost synergetic movements … Continue reading Deuces, y’all. Next stop: 100 Days

Steps to prevent suicide among teens and adults

Anisa Saigo | Staff Writer Flickr User Karolina Kabat Suicide is a form of depression. These feelings of not being content with life can can put someone down or make them feel incomplete. Although not everyone goes through a time in their life when they are suicidal, many do. It can be a best friend, cousin, sibling, or even your parent. It is important to notice the signs. With National Suicide Prevention Month in mind, here are some steps to help prevent losing a loved one. First, watch for warning signs. Four out of five teen suicide attempts are preceded … Continue reading Steps to prevent suicide among teens and adults