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Editor-in-Chief: Ayanna Maxwell

Associate Editor: Chelsea Harrison

Web Editor: Jarrell Dillard

Section Editors

Local & World: Leondra Head

Campus: Ya’marie Sesay

Sports: Randall Williams

Arts & Entertainment: Naomi Ludlow

Opinion: Lexie Carmon

Features: TBA

Lifestyle: Leenika Belfield-Martin

Graphics & Photography/Social Media

Visual Editors: Bahtyah Williams

Photography Editor: Stephanie Smith

Public Relations 

Naya Jacobs

Distribution Team Leaders







2 responses to “Contact

  1. Aphelia Griffin

    How can I locate the article “The Unscripted Hampton Man” from October 29, 2015 about Zay Blaze?


  2. Chantal Hazeur Jackson

    How do I subscribe?


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