Roseanne is making a rosy return

Naomi Ludlow | Arts & Entertainment Editor The 1990s hit sitcom “Roseanne” is back with an even bigger bang. Actress Sara Gilbert, who played Darlene, proposed the idea to the cast members back in March. Hesitant that the stars wouldn’t be up for it, Gilbert held back on her plans. Once actor John Goodman, who played Dan Conner, had an appearance on The Talk and discussed the show, Gilbert knew the sitcom could have a chance at being a hit once again. When she spoke to Goodman, she was reassured that the show would be highly anticipated. Gilbert will be … Continue reading Roseanne is making a rosy return

Lost in translation in a “united” nation

Randall Williams | Sports Editor Colin Kaepernick’s name over the past year has remained a frequent subject of discussion when it comes to the NFL. His protest over the racial inequality and social injustice has heard plenty of praise but also a significant amount of disapproval as well. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback aimed to spread awareness of the topics by kneeling during the national anthem last season. “Kaepernick [was] not trying to disrespect fallen soldiers that have fought to protect the country for what it is today,” Hampton University sophomore Preston Randolph said this week. “He only wants … Continue reading Lost in translation in a “united” nation

Styling tips from Hampton University student hairstylists

Sierra Armstrong | Contributing Writer When it comes to hair in college, things can get tricky. You aren’t sure if you should wear your real hair, get a weave, or rock braids. The thought of doing your own hair every day seems tiring, trying to find a new hairstylist in college is terrifying, and weaves and braids might break your bank account. So what do you do? Paris Stallworth and Deneara Worthy, student hairstylists, are here to solve some of your hair troubles with a few styling tips. Paris Stallworth is a sophomore pre-law criminal justice major from Los Angeles, … Continue reading Styling tips from Hampton University student hairstylists

The Curious Case of Josh Gordon

Camron Miller | Contributor It is almost the end of November and, as we approach the end of the 2016 NFL season, it is worth noting two important things: the Cleveland Browns have yet to win a game (0-11) and that may be due in part to the fact that they are still without Josh Gordon. The troubled 25-year-old Cleveland Browns receiver was released from a rehabilitation facility on October 30 a month after beginning treatment for his various substance issues. The question, immediately upon his release, became: “What are the Cleveland Browns executives going to do with him, since … Continue reading The Curious Case of Josh Gordon

Serena and Drake are just a fling

Kenya Baker | Contributing Writer When TMZ ran the story of Drake and Serena Williams being an item or when Baller Alert and The Shade Room provided photographic proof, many were confused and disgruntled. The pairing shouldn’t be a surprise since the two briefly dated in 2011, remember when Drake and Common were beefing? Well Serena supposedly  played a part in that. Now, in 2015, Drake was spotted courtside-cheering Serena on at Wimbledon. Jezebel writer Clover Hope jokingly wrote about the two of them being caught kissing “Serena probably smiled, the first real smile Drake ‘s received from a woman … Continue reading Serena and Drake are just a fling