The Facebook effect

Ryland Staples | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Unsplash User Tim Bennett Facebook has been a social media giant for over a decade. It’s the online forum where people go to share pictures of their family vacations with their friends, talk about that crazy game from last night and share ideas. However, Facebook has been in the hot seat since co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s interrogation on Capitol Hill. He is defending Facebook’s choice to not fact check the political advertisements it has on its platform. According to the New York Times, “the social network rejected a request from Mr. [Joe] … Continue reading The Facebook effect

Films about slavery: Can’t part with them, won’t get acknowledged without them

Lindsay Keener | Staff Writer In a world full of controversial issues and sensitive topics, films on slavery tend to garner negative attention from its audiences. With criticisms spanning from an absence of historical facts to the excessive brutality shown on screen, slave movies and their importance are continually being called into question by audiences alike. Following the release of “Harriet,” a film based on the inspiring life of the American freedom fighter Harriet Tubman, moviegoers raved and ranted about the debut of another motion picture on slavery. This response isn’t exclusive to “Harriet”; the critique ranges to various films with … Continue reading Films about slavery: Can’t part with them, won’t get acknowledged without them

Election Day party hosted by HU organizations

Shadae Simpson | Staff Writer Did you remember to vote this Election Day? The NAACP, Beautiful Black People (BBP) and the SGA Virginia League of Conservation Votes Education Fund presented an Election Day Party on Nov. 5. This Election Day party took place in the Student Center Cyber Lounge from 1 to 5 p.m., and it included a DJ, food, photo booths and raffles. Students bonded and conversed over good food and Rita’s Italian Ice, all while listening to poetry from students from various organizations around campus. HU student Sheba J., a junior entrepreneurship major from Yonkers, California, represented BBP as artistic and creative … Continue reading Election Day party hosted by HU organizations

State of Emergency: The current state of R&B

Jordan Sheppard | Staff Writer “Where’d the music go?” This was the question asked by R&B singer Leela James in her 2005 single “Music” from her first studio album A Change Is Gonna Come. In the song, James is questioning the state that music was in at the time and can be used in terms of the music of today. Many mainstream artists are more focused on making money rather than making songs that have meaning behind them. One of the genres that James is touching on is R&B, as she mentions the likes of Gladys Knight, Marvin Gaye and … Continue reading State of Emergency: The current state of R&B

Black & awkward

Jamaija Rhodes | Staff Writer Issa Rae, producer and actress for HBO’s Insecure, once said, according to Washington Post Magazine, “Black and awkward is the worst, because black people are stereotyped as being anything but awkward in the mainstream media… Black people are always portrayed to be cool, overly dramatic anything but awkward.” Until recent years, the concept of being both black and awkward has been dismissed and overlooked. As black people, we are oftentimes expected to be cool, knowledgeable on all of the trends, confident and suave. When an individual of African descent deviates from this perception society has created for the … Continue reading Black & awkward

The story of success

Lindsay Keener | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Flickr User Vfutscher It can be assumed that everyone, at some point in their life, has heard the saying, “Confidence is key.” In most cases, it’s used as encouragement, a way to express support for those looking to accomplish a task.  For the average black woman, an expression of confidence is career and social suicide. At the age of 23, U.S. Olympian and all-around world champion gymnast Simone Biles is a household name, and she knows it. In fact, Biles would even say she’s the best. During an Oct. 11 interview with USA Today Sports, … Continue reading The story of success

The problem with @emoblackthot

Ryland Staples| Staff Writer In the middle of the afternoon Oct. 11, I was in the library working on a project for my marketing class. Admittedly, I was procrastinating on Twitter when I came across an article from PAPER Magazine on my timeline with the caption, “GOOD MORNING TO OUR KING @emoblackthot.” I blinked in confusion. I thought to myself, “Our king? That’s strange.” I followed @emoblackthot (EBT) for a while, and I knew that according to the tweets that the account made, that she was a queer black woman from Texas that prided herself on uplifting black women and … Continue reading The problem with @emoblackthot