It’s 2019. Why are people still supporting toxic behavior?

Lindsay Keener | Staff Writer Paul Beaty | Associated Press From childhood, many are taught the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. Some of us inherit our morals and values from our parents or the neighborhood elderly woman with powerful worldly advice. No matter where you learned the rules to life, it is expected that you follow them and encourage others to do the same. This leads me to my question: It’s 2019. Why are people still supporting toxic behavior? One Hampton student has her own thoughts on a recent incident surrounding a male celebrity. “Aiding toxic behavior … Continue reading It’s 2019. Why are people still supporting toxic behavior?

Producing your own content

Ryland Staples | Staff Writer Associated Press In today’s streaming age, everyone can have their own little thing. Years ago when someone said they were starting a YouTube channel, you might’ve looked at them like they were rich. But it is 2019, the future where everyone has a high-quality camera, streaming device, and iPod all wrapped up in one gizmo in their pocket. With all of the available technology to us today, it should be easy for anyone to start their own business. Anybody with any sort of interest can start making content that caters to their own personality. Believe … Continue reading Producing your own content

Legacy Park vandalism under investigation

Amirrah Watson | Staff Writer Taylor Gravesande The Hampton University Office of the Chancellor and Provost on Feb. 7 released a “Call to Action” memorandum concerning the recent vandalism of the Rosa Parks statue in the campus’ newly constructed Legacy Park. This memorandum was soon followed by an email notification from the Hampton University Police Department seeking tips to identify anyone who might be responsible for the defacement of the statue. According to the memorandum, the Parks statue was defaced on two occasions, first in late January and then again in early February. Photos of the damage show the bended … Continue reading Legacy Park vandalism under investigation

Done deal … now what?

Odyssey Fields | Staff Writer Evan Vucci | Associated Press The 1,159-page Funding Bill passed the House of Representative by 300 to 128 and the U.S Senate by 83 to 16 on Feb. 14. This bill provides $1.375 billion to build the wall at the southern border, reported CBS News. President Donald Trump’s goal was to receive $8 billion, but Democrats and Republicans disagreed. Trump instigated the longest U.S. government shutdown in history, affecting millions of people. Many citizens worried about what was next for the country. Some were not able to pay bills, and others were working with no … Continue reading Done deal … now what?

Give yourself a break: There’s no need to stress

Lindsay Keener |Staff Writer Charlie Riedel | Associated Press Stress. We’ve all had it at one time or another It’s often ugly, a little scary and incredibly annoying – not to mention, time consuming. There are a lot of contributors to stress but only one real solution: Give yourself a break. When exactly do you take a break? After the first few math problems or after you’ve begun pulling your hair out? Truth is, the answer is different for everyone. What might stress out your friend in Math 110 could be drastically different from what causes your anxiety. Depending on … Continue reading Give yourself a break: There’s no need to stress

Who should or shouldn’t represent us?

Ryland Staples | Staff Writer Governor Ralph Northam Katherine Frey | Associated Press \The state of Virginia has been in the national news cycle as of late because of the scandals that have surrounded the governor, the lieutenant governor and the attorney general. With the governor and the attorney general having admitted to wearing blackface, and the lieutenant governor being accused of sexual assault and rape, it is hard to know who is really good to represent us as a people. This entire debacle started with a photo of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam in a medical school yearbook portraying him … Continue reading Who should or shouldn’t represent us?

Talking to the right people

Ryland Staples | Staff Writer Salvador Melendez | Associated Press Let’s be honest with ourselves. Life can be stressful at times. Especially now that we are in college. A Harvard Medical Researchers study that looked at more than 67,000 college students across the country “…found that while racial or ethnic and sexual or gender minorities are especially vulnerable, high rates for stress events, mental health diagnoses and the risk of suicide or suicidal thoughts were reported among all students surveyed.” Personally, I did not think college would be this mentally draining. Admittedly, I thought college was going to be like … Continue reading Talking to the right people