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Friday Classes? What are those?


Alexandra Carmon | Opinions Editor

You have finally reached the end of the week. Everyone is looking for the next party move and getting their weekend plans together. Everyone is asking you if you’re going to 12-2.

However, you say no. You know why? Because you just happen to have class from 12-1:50. Which means, your 12-2 days for this semester are over. There is, however, one solution. Hampton could not offer classes on Friday. Friday classes could sometimes serve as an inconvenience especially if there are things you have coming up on the weekend to do.

“[With no class on Fridays] I could easily go to work or work on extra homework,” says Chelsea Harrison, a junior, journalism major from Chesapeake, Virginia. Having that extra day can be greatly beneficial to a student’s grades.

When I was a freshman, I was lucky enough to have a schedule where I did not have any classes on Friday. That extra day gave me a chance to catch up on reading, homework, study for upcoming test, and still have enough time to get ready for 12-2.

However, now I have class until 11:50, which only gives me ten minutes to put on makeup, change my clothes, walk from my class to my room, then walk from my room to the student center.

I feel like I am being rushed on Fridays because I have all these things to do on Friday, when in actuality Friday should be a day where people can relax and blow off the amount of steam they’ve gathered throughout the week.

“The average Hamptonian is involved in multiple organizations,” says Kennedy Maldonado, a sophomore, accounting major from San Diego, California. “If we have Fridays off, it gives us more time for community service or just plain relaxation.”

Friday could be a day where you and your friends could go to the movies or even do something educational such as visit a museum. College is supposed to be fun and relaxed. Not stressing you out seven days a week.

Also, if we didn’t have classes on Fridays, it could give people a chance to travel for job interviews, sports, and other beneficial things without them having to worry about missing classes on Friday.

Lastly, if you need to do something on Thursday to take your mind off school for a while, you won’t have to worry about how late you are staying out because you could sleep in since the next day would be Friday.


Make America Hate Again: Trumps travel ban is ruining America (OP-ED)

(VOA News)

(VOA News)

Donald Parker | Staff Writer

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America. Trump has been president for less than a month and has already signed 19 executive orders. Perhaps the most controversial executive order is the 120-day suspension of the refugee program and a 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. from citizens of seven countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan.

The travel ban, informally known as the Muslim ban, has affected the lives of millions of citizens and refugees from the seven countries as well as American citizens travelling to and from those countries.

Not only have refugees and citizens from the countries listed on the ban been denied entry into the United States, but those with green cards and visas were also denied entry and several people in United States were deported.

Many Americans feel this executive order discriminates against those of Middle Eastern descent and Muslims.

A CBS News poll determined that a majority of Americans, at 51 percent, disapprove of the ban, while 45 percent approve. On the same poll, 57 percent of those polled think the refugee ban goes against the United States’ founding principles.

Not only does this travel ban go against the very foundation that this country was built on, it unfairly targets millions of people of Middle Eastern descent, especially those who are Muslim.

“Most of this country was comprised by immigrants from different places,” said Jordan Maynard, a senior electrical engineering major from Bowie, Maryland. She also added, “Trump is going directly at Muslims. He cannot infringe on one’s religion and neither can the government because that is church and state.”

To make things more interesting, President Trump’s list of countries on the travel ban does not include Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the two countries where the terrorists that carried out the attacks on 9/11 originated, which have ties to the president’s business interests.

This has been a common issue many citizens have with Trump, as many Americans feel he should not continue to have his business interests along with the country’s interests as outlined by the Emoluments Clause of the United States Constitution.

The fact that Trump conveniently chose to leave out those two countries from the travel ban because of his business interests is unconstitutional.

“It only shows how crooked Donald Trump really is,” said Cameron Smith, a sophomore biology major from Suffolk, Virginia. “He’s not only going against the foundation that makes America great, he’s completely dividing this country.”

So far, we are nearly 3 weeks into Trump’s presidency and we have already taken major steps backwards as a country. The immigration ban is by far the biggest step backwards.

Put it on pause: You don’t need a relationship during your senior year

(College Cures)

(College Cures)

Donald Parker | Staff Writer

By now everyone has settled back into the hustle and bustle of the semester. You’ve figured out the quirks of your teachers, and you’ve also realized that you might need to switch your study group. All the essentials you need to have a successful semester have become a part of your routine, but if you happen to be in your senior year of college, then your routine might be a little more stressful.

Dating as an underclassman proved to be a beautiful, exciting, and easy journey, but senior brings about new struggles that can strain relationships. The added pressures of graduate school applications, job applications, and the possibility of moving to another state can stress you and your significant other out during senior year.

When you reach your final year of college, the relationships you start (or consider starting) require more effort. Your time in college is limited and soon, the environment and the circumstances that allowed for a strong nuturing relationship is strained by an impending graduation date.

“I wouldn’t want to start a relationship with someone that I know from the beginning won’t last very long,” said Kayla Myers, a senior computer science major from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Yes, you may meet someone and a person during your last stretch at Hampton University, but you have to fight the urge. You have to think about your goals after graduation and consider if a relationship will help or hinder your growth.

After graduation, you will soon be bombarded with real world responsibilities such as finding a job, paying bills and even bigger, finding ways to pay back your student loans. You and your significant other may or may not be in the same area or even have time to connect due to your personal and career responsibilities.

This is guaranteed to put a toll on the relationship and could ultimately be its demise, even though it was neither person’s fault.

That does not mean you should not pursue a relationship. You can still get to know the person, but take into account the chances of getting into a serious relationship.

“Yeah, getting to know them is fine. But getting serious senior year with someone you are going to likely be at least a few hours away next year just seems silly,” said Jamiah Wilson, a senior finance major from Bristol, Connecticut.

It may not last for those few months you have left in your college life.

President William R. Harvey @CNN OP-ED: Why Talladega band belongs at Donald Trump’s inauguration



President William R. Harvey | Hampton University President

The marching band of my alma mater, Talladega College, the oldest historically black college in Alabama, accepted an invitation to participate in Donald Trump’s inaugural parade. Many people, including some Talladega alumni, are upset.

They shouldn’t be. It is an honor to participate in the inauguration of any president of the United States. Talladega and its band will be celebrating the peaceful transition of power, a hallmark of America’s democracy.

Some may believe that performing in the parade is tantamount to endorsing a candidate. It’s not. The Talladega band is simply performing in a historical event that will have an international audience and provide a unique opportunity to showcase its talent.

This will be a wonderful learning experience for the student musician. It will be a moment for them to understand the importance of supporting the leader of the free world, despite one’s political viewpoint. The chief reason-for-being of any college and university should be to promote learning, not to enhance a political agenda.

The band’s decision should also be celebrated beyond the Talladega community. For those who attend the inauguration or simply watch on television, this is a unique learning opportunity to become familiar with America’s historically black colleges and universities or HBCUs, and an opportunity for those who already know about HBCUs to be proud.

Just like majority institutions, HBCUs are not a monolith. Some are very good, some are not so good, and others are somewhere in the middle. Allow me to share a few examples. In 2011, Xavier University was the top producer of African-American students who earned medical degrees. For six consecutive years, North Carolina A&T University has been the top producer of African-American engineers.

My own institution, Hampton University, where I have served as president for nearly 40 years, is one of the best modest-sized universities, black or white, in the country. Not only is Hampton a top producer of Ph.D.s awarded to African-Americans in physics, we are also the only HBCU to ever have 100% responsibility to NASA for one of their space missions. In addition, Hampton scientists are principal investigators for experiments on two other satellite missions in orbit and another to be launched in the coming weeks. All these satellites are gathering information on weather patterns and environmental conditions.

Read the rest of the story here.


The (Some) Women’s March results



Alexis Weston | Staff Writer

The Women’s March on Washington was held the day after President Trump’s inauguration and sparked several other supporting demonstrations, with 5 million people protesting worldwide.

The Women’s March was presented as a successful protest for all women. However, not all groups were clearly represented by the protest.

According to Devon Maloney’s article, “Some Inconvenient Truths About The Women’s March On Washington,” the march was, “initially intended to highlight women’s issues before expanding its official platform to include civil rights for people of color, the LGBTQ and disability communities, and refugees and undocumented immigrants.”

If it were a march dedicated to women, why wouldn’t these demographics automatically be included?

The rally had many guest speakers, including Madonna and Scarlett Johansson. Madonna, a pop culture icon that has very publicly self-identified as a feminist, seems like a no brainer for an event like this. However, in January 2014, Madonna posted a photo of her son with a hashtag that included a racial slur.

After receiving backlash, she changed the caption and blamed her audience for being too sensitive. In April 2015, Madonna kissed Drake during a performance. The video made it clear Drake had no opportunity to consent to it. Considering Madonna’s track record of being racist and sexually harassing others, it doesn’t seem like she should have a platform in an “all inclusive” movement.

Scarlett Johansson said in her speech, “I didn’t vote for [Trump]. But I want to be able to support [him]. But first I ask that [he] support me.”

I cannot help but wonder if she expects him to support all women or her narrow-minded view of womanhood. In 2016, Johansson accepted a role as Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell, a Japanese manga. If she’s already been complacent in the erasure of women of color, who is she calling Mr. Trump to support?

Those who spoke for underrepresented groups in the crowd were silenced. After Raquel Willis, a Black transsexual woman, and activist, had her mic cut off in the middle of her speech she tweeted, “Still silencing trans women. I see you and so does everyone else.”

This is not where the transmisogyny ended. According to How the Women’s March’s “genital-based” feminism isolated the transgender community by Marie Solis, “Signs like ‘P***y power’, ‘Viva la Vulva’ and ‘P***y grabs back’ all sent a clear and oppressive message to trans women, especially: having a vagina is essential to womanhood.” It is essential that feminism acknowledges that some women have penises.

The march also ignored black women and women of color. largely ignored by a key demographic….white women.

Why shouldn’t you date your friend’s brother?

(Des Moines Register)

(Des Moines Register)

Avary Gillard | Contributing Writer

I think we all have that one friend with the cute brother. The cute brother we thought we would never like, because he was basically family to you. Until one day, you just happened to see him a little differently and then all these feelings started rushing to the surface. When you spend almost everyday going over to your friend’s house, having sleepovers, and eating over at their home it becomes natural to develop feelings for your friend’s brother. You see them just as much as you see your friend and you begin to notice characteristics about them that you like. You also start having more and more conversations with him. You begin to learn things about him and find qualities that you admire becoming more and more infatuated.

But what happens when the feelings are mutual? Before you tell your friend about your newfound love, I would just like to leave you with the three reasons why you shouldn’t date your friends brother. Number one, Time. It can be hard to commit the same amount of time you put into a friendship that you would put into a relationship, especially when that relationship is with your friend’s brother.

The time you would normally spend over at your friend’s house is now spent, not with your friend, but with their brother. Not only is time to hangout limited, the time you spend talking to each other and being in each other’s company has now been cut down to a minimum. The ability to balance is feasible, but still an unnecessary challenge. The boundaries should clearly be set between your friend and the thought of dating their brother.

Number two, tension. So, you told your friend that you’re dating their brother and they seemed fine with it. They told you they were perfectly cool with the idea and you actually believed them. They may have honestly felt okay with the idea at first, but now you can tell a definite shift. Instead of telling your friend about your day and sharing stories and venting to them, you are telling her brother.

You start talking to your friend less and less and the conversations become general conversation starters instead of the meaningful ones you all had before. Is dating your friend’s brother really worth the loss of a true friendship?

Last, is the breakup. So things didn’t workout, what now? The relationship didn’t work and now you are dealing with a breakup and harboring resentment toward your now ex boyfriend. This can cause things to be awkward and going over to your friend’s house can be more difficult than usual.

So, you try to seek comfort from your friend and it feels weird, especially when the breakup was the result of something serious. What happens when her brother moves on and his new girlfriend comes over? How will you feel then?

If you choose to avoid the whole relationship from the start, you’ll feel just fine. It can be harmful to a friendship to start dating their brother, but the issue can be totally avoidable by just avoiding the whole idea and keeping things plain and simple.

Should college professors take attendance?

(IIP Digital)

(IIP Digital)

Alexis Weston | Staff Writer

Some days we’re extremely busy. Some days we’re emotionally exhausted. Some days we just need to sleep.

Every student can’t attend every single class that they have every single day. Of course, we are students. We need to dedicate a significant amount of our time to classwork and attending class. However, we are adults. Going to class should be our prerogative.

“If students want to pay not to come to class, they should be allowed to,” said Nelson White, a transfer student in the 5 year MBA program from Oakland, California. As a collective, the student body consistently goes on and on about the amount of money that we pay to come to a University that some of us consider less than excellent.

It would be easy to argue that attendance should be mandatory (whether it be a written rule or something we just naturally follow) for that fact alone. And in some respects, that viewpoint is completely correct. We spend way too much money to blow off classes like they’re nothing. However, it is our money that we’re spending. And what we do with it is completely up to us.

According to Grace Elliss, a second year 5 year MBA major from Fort Washington, Maryland, whether or not she misses a class, “varies on the importance of the class.” I hate to say this because I want to believe that every class is important and I fully respect all of our professors, but some classes just eat up our time.

We all have that one class where the professor talks about whatever they feel like talking about rather than something pertinent to the material for the entire class period. Like I said, we should give our complete respect to all of our professors, regardless of teaching style. But, if there’s something  more important to my academic career during that class, it’s more than likely that I won’t be in attendance.

Mental health is something that needs to be strongly considered when talking about whether or not attendance should be mandatory on college campuses. While each professor does give us about 3 days to miss class without consequences, sometimes we need a few more. If one of those days goes to working on a major assignment, another goes to being sick, and another goes to an extracurricular activity, that doesn’t leave any room for students, like myself, that have mental health issues that prevent them from attending class some days.

For some of us, we have days where it feels impossible to get out of bed. Sometimes, we even have days that we’re so emotionally exhausted we can’t even attempt to do so. We are human. We live complex lives outside of the classroom, and some of those lives involve having a mental illness. It’s something that our community is still trying to understand, but we haven’t quite gotten there yet.

We should be going to our classes. These classes are the reason that we’re here at Hampton University. But, it should also be understood that we lead full lives outside of these classes. We’re involved in multiple extracurricular activities, we do community service, we lead social lives, and we also need time to be alone and recharge. We won’t make it to every single class, and that’s okay. But, Hampton needs to understand that, too.  

Top places to flee to now that Trump is our new President elect

(The Nation)

(The Nation)

Jerica Deck | Campus Editor

It’s normal to be nervous after hearing the news that Donald Trump is now the presidential elect for the United States of America. He’s made many offensive comments against women, Latinos, Blacks, Muslims, and many other marginalized groups. If you fall into any of those categories, it’s understandable why America would no longer feel like home to you. Ready to flee the country? Here are five places perfect for you to run to after this year’s election results:


Canada is like a colder, better version of the United States. Canadians have longer life expectancies, free health care, and you won’t have to learn a new language. This is the country that gave the world both Niagara Falls and Drake. Unfortunately, in the wake of the election the Canadian Immigration crashed. This because too devoted voters caused the site to temporarily shut down. It may be hard to emigrate there, but if you do, it is definitely worth it.


Has anyone ever told you to go back to Africa? Well the joke is on them because Africa is starting to look way more comforting than over here. While Africa is a diverse continent, take a DNA test to find out what tribe of Africa you descend from. Then research your roots by taking a trip to that country. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, and by the time your eat-pray-love vacation is over, hopefully Trump will be out of office.

The Netherlands

US News ranked the Netherlands one of the best places to live. This nation is known for its high income, beautiful scenery, and rich history. It has liberal freethinking policies. It was the first country to legalize same sex marriage and has a liberal stance on marijuana, abortion, and even prostitution. It also has one of the highest concentrations of museums in the world, a mild livable climate, and a renowned healthcare system.


Take these four to eight years to explore an entirely different culture. Japan has so much to explore including great food, anime, cherry blossom trees, and a whole new language to learn. The weather is also awesome. Unlike some parts in the United States, their winters are usually above 32 degrees, and their summers usually don’t surpass the 90 degrees.

The United States of America

Any coward can leave when times get rough. However the way to solve our problems is not to run from them, it’s to take action. It is irresponsible to simply flee from the injustices happen in your own community. All jokes aside, now is the time to stop complaining about our problems and start fixing them.


Creating a revolution isn’t something that can happen if you just run away. In order to change things, it has to start at home.

What’s time got to do with it? Knowing when to leave a relationship

Dominique Burns | Staff Writer

Meeting someone for the first time and making it past the friendship stage is a process no one wants to start over. Let’s face it, once you think you’ve found the one, there’s no opinion that can change that. However if you find yourself feeling like you’re fighting for your relationship more than enjoying it, is it really worth staying?

Nikki Miller, a senior, biology major from Raleigh, North Carolina said, “People stay in relationships longer than needed because they are scared of change. But something that people need to realize is if the relationship isn’t building or helping you towards a goal, it’s essentially toxic.”

Toxic relationships are something people want to stay away from, but keep finding themselves in. When it comes to friendships, it can be easy to just let go and leave the negativity behind, but a first love can be a little harder to just let go.

James Benbow III, a junior, architecture major from Washington, D.C. explained how social situations shape the way people deal with relationships.

“In today’s society people fear being viewed as un-loyal so they’ll stay with their partner no matter what the circumstance or how long just so they don’t get labeled as otherwise. People don’t like getting to know a whole new person. They’ll avoid it and stick to what they know.”

Is sticking to what you know worth your happiness?

Tionne Lemmon, a junior, English major from Northern Virginia said, “I feel like people love with time because they’ve been through a lot with their partner and feel like they can eventually get through it. Because of that, they don’t realize how toxic it is for their relationship.”

Settling isn’t worth the love you think you’re getting. Sometimes people confuse being in a situationship for a long period of time with love. Don’t sacrifice your time for what feels like affection and the fear of having to rebuild a relationship from the ground up with another person. Time does not replace self worth, happiness and genuine love. Don’t treat yourself like a substitute.

What guys (think they) want in a ‘wifey’

Alexis Weston | Staff Writer

The terms “wifey” and “wifey material” get thrown around everyday; but what do these terms actually mean on Hampton’s campus?

According to Quinton Burnett, a junior, finance major from Kansas City, Kansas, said it’s difficult to define the term.

When it comes to how a woman qualifies as “wifey material” he stated that, “If she’s there for me and we really click on every level, that’s really it.” At the end of the day, there’s really no true definition of what “wifey” material is. Whether or not a woman is wifey material depends primarily on what a guy is looking for.

Julian Boyd, a junior, computer science major from Spotsylvania, Virginia, said that it’s, “a substitute name for a girlfriend.” When asked about “wifey material” he commented that he, “[has] to be able to visualize a future with her, it’s not really based on what she can do for me but how we can make each other better.”

According to articles like 11 Men Explain What ‘Wife Material’ Means To Them from, other “wifey” qualifications include being able to cook, being intelligent, having a life outside of your significant other and being considerate.

While it is important to know what you want from a relationship and the type of person that you’re looking for, it’s important to look at how these terms impact how women present themselves to men.

Sarah Maloud-Washington, a sophomore, criminal justice major from Conyers, Georgia, said that  the “wifey” role, “forces women to try to fit into or be this ideal image of what a wifey is,” in order to impress men.

Why should a woman have to shape her personality into this ideal version of the “perfect woman” just to please a guy? It’s not fair and it makes women feel as if a guy will never see a future with them just because they act a certain way.

It seems that the men asked have a more introspective and reflective idea about her rather than a specific set of qualities that she’s required to have. So, maybe, just maybe, the “wifey” is changing to fit every woman.