HU student competes for Miss VA USA

Leondra Head | Local & World Editor Hampton University’s Delaria Ridley is making a name for herself in the pageant world, most notably competing for Miss Virginia USA as Miss North Hampton USA. Ridley is a senior strategic communications major from Atlanta and has been competing in pageants since 15 years old. “My experience while participating in the pageant was absolutely amazing. I gained a great network of women. Pageants truly allow you to meet women from all walks of life. It was great [competing] in another state.” Ridley’s platform was HOPSCOTCH K!DS, Helping Others Play. Her purpose was to … Continue reading HU student competes for Miss VA USA

Virginian-Pilot cuts nearly 10 percent of staff

Kennedi Jackson | Staff Writer Nearly 150 years after the Virginian-Pilot was founded in 1865, the largest Virginia newspaper in Virginia is cutting close to 10 percent of its staff. The parent company, Pilot Media, has offered to pay buyouts to long-term employees who have served at least 25 years with the paper, however they have also declared that if there are not enough volunteers, they will proceed with forced layoffs. Cashara Quinn, a first-year journalism major and writer for HerCampus, has a strong opinion on the changes being made. “I think it’s unfair that people are losing their jobs … Continue reading Virginian-Pilot cuts nearly 10 percent of staff

Rising Epidemic of Opioid Addicted Babies

Kennedi Jackson | Staff Writer   The number of opium-addicted babies continues to rise, with the rate of children being born into addiction quadrupling over the past 15 years. Babies with desperate, high-pitched wails and shaking bodies reside in hospitals all over the U.S. Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome is the condition of symptoms babies go through when they are exposed to drugs in the womb. When a birthing mother has suffered from abuse of drugs and has a baby, the newborn’s nervous system can trigger symptoms of withdrawal. Up to 94 percent of babies exposed to opioids end up experiencing withdrawal. … Continue reading Rising Epidemic of Opioid Addicted Babies

HU student involved in Planned Parenthood action

Kyra Robinson | Staff Writer Hampton University’s Planned Parenthood: Generation Action (PPGA) president Michyah Thomas was in New Orleans for a reproductive justice conference when the news broke that President Trump would roll back the birth control mandate in the Affordable Care Act. She was among other women passionate about political change, mingling and enjoying good food when an official of the SisterSong Inc. conference delivered the news. Thomas said immediately, the mood in the room changed. “Everyone in this room is here for a reason,” the sophomore Political Science major recalled what the official expressed, “You are here because … Continue reading HU student involved in Planned Parenthood action

Republican lawmakers wave the white flag yet again on health care

Zoe Griffin | Contributing Writer The GOP’s latest attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has not fared well with Republican lawmakers. The goal of Republican lawmakers was to meet the Oct. 1 deadline of passing the American Health Care Act before the current fiscal year ended, but they were unsuccessful yet again. Now that the deadline passed, the bill can’t be passed with a simple majority. It now requires the cooperation of the Democratic Party. On Jan. 10, just days before President Trump’s inauguration, he told The New York Times that Republicans would have Obamacare … Continue reading Republican lawmakers wave the white flag yet again on health care

NSU President set to retire

Odyssey Fields | Staff Writer After serving as Norfolk State University president for a year, Eddie N. Moore Jr. is retiring. The university’s sixth president fulfilled the promise he made when he first took office: to clean up Norfolk State’s academic slate. NSU had been on academic probation. Its accrediting agency, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, cited administrative shortcomings and shoddy bookkeeping when it put Norfolk State on warning in 2013 and probation a year later. After two years of patient work by Moore and others in the administration, SACS restored Norfolk State to good standing. Moore released … Continue reading NSU President set to retire

Hampton student’s family survives close call in Las Vegas

Zoe Griffin | Contributing Writer Las Vegas native Carrington Peterson was awakened Monday by 59 messages and notifications from family members. “My parents decided to go on a ‘staycation’ [Sunday] night and got a hotel room,” Peterson said. They stayed at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, where a gunman on the 32nd floor that night would kill 59 people, the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old man from Mesquite, Nevada, was identified as the sniper suspect by police. His room contained 16 rifles, one handgun, 18 firearms, explosives and thousands of rounds of bullets, … Continue reading Hampton student’s family survives close call in Las Vegas