Breaking the social stigma

Noa Cadet | Staff Writer Society is constantly changing. Societal norms are shifting and what could previously be considered taboo and awkward to discuss is now becoming increasingly acceptable amongst the general public. One of these changes is a growing acceptance regarding proper sexual education. On Monday, Sept. 24, the residents of James and Virginia Cleveland Hall gathered for the annual “Sex in an Envelope” discussion, which involved a slideshow presentation spearheaded by the Health Center. This presentation, paired with interactive activities, taught Hampton University students about the risks of unprotected sex. However, unlike sexual education lessons students might remember … Continue reading Breaking the social stigma

The Return of Homecoming

Brandi Howliet | Staff Writer Homecoming: the time of year when Hampton students go “all out” for a week straight. It’s also looked at as the official kickoff celebration for the school year. Are you wondering about the new events added to this year’s festivities? Or are you wondering about what artists we’ll have for the concert? Just about everyone else on campus is, too. These questions have been asked frequently regarding this year’s Homecoming. Although many other schools’ students know what guests they will have by now, Hampton has yet to release any specific details regarding this year’s concert. … Continue reading The Return of Homecoming

Deuces, y’all. Next stop: 100 Days

Inayah Avant | Campus Editor (Top Left to Right) Jazmine Love, Jessica Bromell, Aubree Brabham, De’Chelle Steele, Nia Grifffin, Jasmine Sellers, Shaidai Dunnock (Bottom Left to Right) Alondra Young, Alexis Abby, Cori Jones | Photo by Cori Jones A clear blue sky greets the graduating seniors as they excitedly make their way to the Hampton University Convention Center for the Seventy-Sixth Annual Fall Convocation Address. The air is alight with a zealous buzz as the students, faculty, and staff file in to find their respective seats, and there is a sense of finality and comraderie in the almost synergetic movements … Continue reading Deuces, y’all. Next stop: 100 Days

Habits to leave in high school

Zari Paige | Staff Writer Flickr User Alpha Transitioning from high school to college can be difficult. As a college freshman, it can especially be difficult adjusting to this new environment. This can lead to the following poor habits. Friends: In college, be careful when selecting potential friends. Associate with people who share a similar vision and who won’t disrupt your peace. Although that’s easier said than done, Hampton University is filled with ambitious young people. These are people with whom you should surround yourself. This transition can be difficult, but staying true to yourself always wins in the end. … Continue reading Habits to leave in high school

The hype about Hype Clinic

Brandi Howliet| Staff Writer Many students go to college to find their passion in life and to get a head start on their business pursuits. Starting a business while in college may seem impossible, but many students manage completing these hard tasks simultaneously. The will and determination of the student developing a business while maintaining good grades and a social life is a task in and of itself. Starting and creating a business at such a young age is an extreme risk, and requires a lot of hard work. Many business owners don’t start their business until they’re financially stable—which … Continue reading The hype about Hype Clinic

Student spotlight: Alex Cooper

Jaylen Harris | Staff Writer In a world where genuine people are hard to find, this Hampton University student has no problem filling that void. That guy you saw dancing in front of the cafe is Alex. Some of you may know him as, “Lil Aly,” “President Lil Aly,” or “Chicken Wang.” The infamous Alex Cooper, is a sophomore Music major from Washington, D.C. A man of many talents, Alex is also an accomplished cellist for the Hampton Orchestra who happens to have a deep love for dance. While walking to class, the cafe, the student center, or basically anywhere … Continue reading Student spotlight: Alex Cooper

Making your mark on Hampton University

Noa Cadet | Staff Writer With the 2018-2019 school year underway, Hampton University sees the return of many of its students and faculty. Many returning students are swiftly re-adjusting to college life, buying textbooks and handling the new workload that is placed in front of them. Yet, the 2018-2019 academic year also signals something else.  It signals the arrival of the Class of 2022, also known as Quintessence Eleven.  Since the Class of 2022 arrived at Hampton University in late August, its members have been stirring things up around campus in an attempt to make their voices heard. Their activities range … Continue reading Making your mark on Hampton University