Vote … voting … voted!

Jalen Byrd | Staff Writer HU students stand in line to vote at Phoebus High School. | Jordan McKinney November 6. That date had been repeated all over campus, on the news, on social media and from our parents: Election Day! This week’s election was, arguably, one of the most important elections our generation would witness and participate in. This is our time. Our voices now weigh in on how our country is run, and by whom. It seems as if student government members and student volunteers walked around campus every day, asking students if they had registered to vote. … Continue reading Vote … voting … voted!

It’s Apple season in English and Foreign Languages Department

Jaylen Harris & Brandi Howliet | Staff Writers It’s holiday season, and Christmas came a little early this year as Hampton University’s campus will soon be getting a renovation. Well, at least somewhat. Dr. Cannady, the English and Foreign Languages Department’s (EFL) new chairman, has arranged for the department to receive 25 second-hand Apple computers, which would be distributed to professors, faculty and students. This new addition will further strengthen the department in becoming more updated, as well as strengthening students’ ability in adapting to different software, as Apple and Microsoft are completely different program systems. Although these computers are … Continue reading It’s Apple season in English and Foreign Languages Department

Thinking pink with breast cancer awareness

Noa Cadet | Staff Writer Gabryelle Awkard   As college students, our minds are lled with a plethora of different things: Our grades, our classes, what party we will attend this weekend and who might perform at Homecoming. We can be so caught up in our social lives and our college careers that we fail to consider our health and the pos- sibility of diseases like breast cancer. But breast cancer is a real threat that could potentially affect anyone on campus, regardless of age or sex. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Hamp- ton University hosted … Continue reading Thinking pink with breast cancer awareness

CBS actress shares college experience at Hampton

Leenika Belfield-Martin | Lifestyle Editor Shannon Wallace If you watch CBS’s new comedy series God Friended Me, you might notice a familiar face in the cast. That’s because Javicia Leslie, who plays Ali Finer, is a 2009 graduate of Hampton University. Before she starred in TV shows and commercials, Leslie could be found right here on campus. The actress was born in Germany and spent most of her childhood in Maryland. She was a trailblazer from the start as one of the few people in her family to graduate from college. Leslie credits her godmother’s step-daughter as the reason why … Continue reading CBS actress shares college experience at Hampton

Oh, what a time for HUchella fashion!

Anisa Saigo |Staff Writer (Left to right) Sydni McCuten and Homecoming Director Nia Wellman What a time to be alive! This week’s Hampton University’s Homecoming is probably the most anticipated in years. The theme is Hampton University’s very own Coachella: “HUchella.” It is the year for good vibes and even better fashion.This time of the year, we tend to complain to our parents about our lack of clothes and need for new wardrobes. However, you can save your parents’ pockets by going shopping in your closet first. Pick out pieces that stand out to you, and only order items that … Continue reading Oh, what a time for HUchella fashion!

Bloomberg co-founder discusses diversity

Jaylen Harris | Staff Writer Gabryelle Awkard “I love coming home to Hampton, it feels like a second home now,” said Matthew Winkler, Bloomberg News co-founder and editor-in-chief emeritus. Winkler came to visit our “Home by the Sea” to speak with Hampton’s future journalists. The Sept. 25 event started at 4:30 p.m. in Scripps Howard auditorium; seats were filled as the session began with students enthusiastically taking notes, their full attention on him. Winkler spoke on many topics, from the beginning of Bloomberg, the state of journalism and where he is now in his career. Winkler’s journalism career began upon … Continue reading Bloomberg co-founder discusses diversity

Gourmet Bucks: Students’ true feelings

Jalen Byrd | Staff Writer Gourmet Bucks are finally here! All students know what they are: the $75 that Hampton University places in the student’s account every semester —as long as the student in question has signed up for a meal plan. Beginning approximately a month after the school years starts, students can use their Gourmet Bucks to purchase food from the university’s Chick-fil-A, Pirate Grill, Planet Smoothie and Starbucks. Initially, this $75 seems like a generous luxury the school gives its students, or at least that is what it may seem from the outside. I was amazed to find … Continue reading Gourmet Bucks: Students’ true feelings