Coronavirus: What you must know

Kailah Lee | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Unsplash User  Kelly Sikkema Many have heard about the Coronavirus (CoV), a recent epidemic. What makes it even scarier is that there are hourly updates on how much the disease is affecting hundreds upon thousands of people with little information on the prevention of it.  According to Vox, the outbreak has reached more than 40,000 people and counting. Fortunately for us in the U.S., it hasn’t become as prominent of an issue as it is in China, but by no means should you take this virus lightly.  The coronavirus and similar strains such as … Continue reading Coronavirus: What you must know

The importance of establishing a daily skin care routine

Brandi Howliet | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Unsplash User Toa Heftiba The proper skin care routine is hard to figure out but necessary. The skin on our bodies is the largest organ, so taking care of it is very important. It helps prevent infection and harmful elements from getting into our bodies. There are so many products on the market, and the beauty industry is at an all-time high, so many consumers don’t know where to start. The correct skin care routine is built over time; it doesn’t just happen overnight.  With time and diligence, you’ll eventually find the right products … Continue reading The importance of establishing a daily skin care routine

The continued spread of the coronavirus

Gabrielle Chenault | Staff Writer The coronavirus disease has sent many people worldwide into a frenzy because it is continuing to spread outside of China, and the death toll continues to rise. Cases have been reported in Asia, Europe, Australia, North America and Africa as of Feb. 19. “It’s scary to see how quickly this is spreading, especially since there is no current cure,” said Hampton University student Ra’ana Middleton, a sophomore nursing student. This virus is spread through the respiratory system and mimics the symptoms of a cold. Due to this, it is easily spread and can be spread … Continue reading The continued spread of the coronavirus

Federal investigation opened into Mississippi prisons after series of deaths

William Paul Ellis | Staff Writer   For more than a century, the Mississippi State Penitentiary, most commonly known as “Parchman,” has served as the only maximum security prison for men in the state of Mississippi. Now, after 16 inmate deaths in less than two months, the Department of Justice has agreed to open a civil rights investigation into the conditions of Parchman and other regional prisons including the South Mississippi Correctional Institution, the Wilkinson County Correctional Facility and the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility. According to ABC News, 10 of the 16 recent deaths occured in Parchman, which included five … Continue reading Federal investigation opened into Mississippi prisons after series of deaths

President Trump unveils 2021 budget with massive cuts to assistance programs

Sara Avery | Staff Writer President Trump unveiled his 2021 budget that makes major cuts to safety net programs like Social Security and food stamps. The $4.8 trillion proposal also will affect certain federal student loan programs, increasing the amount of debt that borrowers will have over their lifetime, USA Today reported. A program that forgives the remaining student debt of public service workers, such as teachers and firefighters, who have made on time payments for 10 years, will be terminated. This could result in over $52 billion worth of additional payments in the next decade.  The budget also would … Continue reading President Trump unveils 2021 budget with massive cuts to assistance programs

Diversity in technology

Simone Quary | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Unsplash User Domenico Loia In today’s world, it is undeniable that technology plays an integral role in every aspect of life. It allows for the completion of simple and complex tasks within seconds.  Technological advances in the past millenium have also resulted in the rise of social media, which have given any person, regardless of their upbringing, a chance to voice their opinion.  The diversity prevalent among social media users has brought to question whether the same diversity is reflected within the the technological workforce. As for nearly all industries in the United States, … Continue reading Diversity in technology

Too many romantic movies and not enough real-life romance

Jamaija Rhoades | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Unsplash User Frank McKenna As a hopeless romantic, I can easily admit that watching romance films and allowing myself to become encapsulated in love stories has heavily influenced my expectations and perceptions about falling in love.  I just knew my foot would “pop” when I got my first kiss (The Princess Diaries) and that if I tragically lost my memory in a car crash, my future husband would do everything in his power to help me remember the love we once had (The Vow).   Constantly viewing these images of men performing grand gestures … Continue reading Too many romantic movies and not enough real-life romance

Gayle King should not be your focus

Ryland Staples | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Christopher Smith | Associated Press Gayle King on Feb. 6 interviewed former WNBA star Lisa Leslie about the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash alongside his daughter and friends a few weeks prior. The interview turned sour when King asked Leslie how she felt about Bryant’s 2003 sexual assault case in Colorado. This specific question sparked major outrage toward King on social media. Celebrities and regular people alike attacked King for bringing up the sexual assault case. Most notably, Snoop Dogg made a lengthy post on Instagram condemning … Continue reading Gayle King should not be your focus

Beyoncé and Jay-Z can’t win

Lindsay Keener | Staff Writer With more than 65,000 seats in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and thousands of standing football fans, it’s hard to believe that anyone would spot the two seats that are filled. That is, of course, unless they’re filled by superstar phenomenon Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Shawn Carter, known by most as rap mogul Jay-Z. The Super Bowl, otherwise known as the pinnacle of the pro football season, took place Feb. 2. In attendance was the music industry’s power couple, sitting during a highly praised performance of the national anthem by Demi Lovato.  Given the Carters’ … Continue reading Beyoncé and Jay-Z can’t win

Bruce Wilson: Leading by example

Allyson Edge | Staff Writer Courtesy of Bruce Wilson Bruce Wilson may be well known on campus for his position as vice president in the Hampton University Student Government Association, but that is just one of the many hats he wears both on and off campus. Growing up in the city of Chicago, Wilson was inspired by his parents, who both devoted their careers to service, and he was also able to witness firsthand the rise of other notable leaders such as President Barack Obama. Wilson’s passion for service has led him to attend many different events and participate in … Continue reading Bruce Wilson: Leading by example