Influencer marketing is taking over the fashion industry

Carlie Beard | Arts and Entertainment Editor Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have created a space for people who are referred to as “influencers.” An influencer is a term used to describe someone who can have an effect or powerful impact on other people. Influencers can range from high-profile celebrities to an average person who has thousands of followers on Instagram. Companies and brands take full advantage of this media exposure and use influencers to market their product to potential customers. According to, “Influencer marketing is when companies partner with influencers in order to increase brand awareness or … Continue reading Influencer marketing is taking over the fashion industry

Stop dimming your light

Jamaija Rhodes | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Unsplash User Diana Simumpande   When it comes to dating and getting to know someone new, I always assumed that I had to act and talk a certain way in order for a guy to be truly interested in me. Oftentimes I hid my personality or found myself being more reserved or just trying to appear cooler than I actually am so that I could receive the approval and acceptance from the men I so desperately wanted to see me. Not only did this always come back to bite me later on down the … Continue reading Stop dimming your light

How to deal with family over the holidays

Jordan Sheppard | Staff Writer Thanksgiving is approaching us. With the food-laden holiday right around the corner, this signals that the holiday season is about to be in full effect. Holiday season is a time that is jam-packed with joyful cheer and celebration. It is meant to be spent with those you cherish the most. You feast with them on Thanksgiving, show appreciation with gift exchanges in December and then celebrate the new year. For many, the holiday season is the best part of the year, but there are many who dread it, and it is due to one common … Continue reading How to deal with family over the holidays

Easy side hustles provide extra cash

Taura Kimble | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Flikr User: Worlds Connection   The holiday season is quickly approaching. That means it’s time to get great gifts for friends and family. As a college student, the budget for gifts may be a little low and you may need extra money. You’re probably wondering exactly where the extra money for these gifts is going to come from. Here are some easy side hustles any college student can do to make some quick extra cash: Rideshare/food delivery Uber and Lyft are popular options because you can not only make your own schedule but … Continue reading Easy side hustles provide extra cash

Eating heathly during the holiday season

Leenika Belfield-Martin | Lifestyle Editor There are two things that fill the holiday season: gifts and food. How ironic is it that days after people stuff themselves like turkeys, they hit the gym for their New Year’s Resolution? Why wait until after the holiday season to be more conscious about our meals? The average person gains a little over one pound around the holidays, according to a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine. While this might seem like a small amount, researchers in that same study also pointed out that people are also less likely to lose … Continue reading Eating heathly during the holiday season

Embracing your natural beauty

Kailah Lee | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Pexels User: Inimfon Ekpoh   In a world full of Instagram baddies, bundles and beat faces, being natural can come as a task. Not only do jobs require you to look “professional” and “neat,” but so does society. It’s nearly impossible to be the real you. You would think that being natural—whether that means wearing your natural hair or just rocking a bare face—would come easy, but it doesn’t. Call it a double standard or call it unfair, but that’s just the way it has always been. Women, particularly black women, must put … Continue reading Embracing your natural beauty

Rodney Reed: Texas prisoner facing death penalty

Sara Avery | Staff Writer Photo Credit: Flickr User 4WardEver CampaignbUK   Texas prisoner Rodney Reed is set to be executed Nov. 20 after spending 21 years on death row for the murder of 19-year-old Stacy Stites in 1966. However, new witness testimonies and doubt surrounding the initial evidence and trial of the case have helped garner nationwide support to stop the execution. Celebrities such as Yara Shahidi, Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have used their platforms to bring awareness to the case and call on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to grant Reed clemency. “We must come together to prevent a gross injustice,” … Continue reading Rodney Reed: Texas prisoner facing death penalty