Euphoria: An Open Dialogue of Teenage Drama? 

Trinity Goppy | Staff Writer

Euphoria, a coming-of-age drama, focuses on the troubled lives of a group of teens as they navigate love and friendships in a world filled with drugs, sex and social media. 

Created and written by Sam Levinson, the show stars Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, and other high profile actors. Euphoria is based on the 2012 Israeli show with the same name. 

“I had gone in to sit down with Francesca Orsi,” Levinson said in an Entertainment Weekly article. “I asked her what she liked about the Israeli series and she said just sort of what a raw and honest portrait it is of drugs and being young and everything. I was just trying to capture that kind of heightened sense of emotion, when you’re young and how relationships feel.”

The show is sexually explicit and showcases a wide range of drug abuse. It often highlights the ability of the actors to widen the scope of how trauma and drugs can affect one’s relationship. 

“I have not personally experienced drug abuse but when I watch the show, it makes me think there is someone out there going through Rue’s situation,” said Alexandria Williams, an HU first-year. “There is someone struggling to love themselves like Cassie. And I can relate to the struggle of trying to find oneself in the midst of chaos.”

Exploring issues such as drug abuse, trauma, self-harm, identity and grief through the lens of teenagers that do not fit in the usual television show box is what makes the show unique, said Janiah Caroll, an HU first-year. Hampton University’s first year psych major. 

“Euphoria explores the hardcore aspects that teens and young adults struggle with daily,” said Carroll. “Even though the show is fiction, the actors work really hard to bring the story to reality. You can feel every emotion that the characters do – this sets the show apart from others that try and portray these issues. Because the show is uncensored, it makes it feel so real. Everyone who watches the show can put themselves in the shoes of each character.”

Viewers said Euphoria’s season two finale left the audience with a load of emotion. The show regularly trends on social media due to the raw talent of the actors, cinematography and riveting storylines.


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