Seniors reflect on their 100 Days ‘Til Graduation

Morgan Harris | Staff Writer

Photo Credit: RUT MIIT on Unsplash

Quintessence 11 and other graduating seniors celebrated 100 days left until graduation on Jan. 28, an annual tradition at Hampton .

This year was significant for seniors due to being virtual for almost two years. 

Ravid Frye, a graduating senior Biology Pre-Med and Music Education major from Hopwell, Virginia, says he’s been waiting for this day. 

“I would definitely say [I have been anticipating] would be interactions and being able to actually, once on campus, have a real social event and have friendly encounters with my colleagues and everybody who we probably won’t be seeing for some years after graduation,” said Frye. 

Reflecting on life post-graduation, Frye is most excited about the memories that are to come. 

“These are things that you’ll never get back,” said Frye. “Long-lasting relationships and being able to experience good times with people and just being caring. That’s really what I want, [to] build as many memories as I can.”

With so much to do, many seniors feel as if the possibilities are endless. 

“I’m still thinking about it,” said Chelsea Johnson, a graduating Senior Biology Pre-Med major from Baltimore, Maryland. “I think I’m going to go out, have a little fun, and stuff like that.” 

Johnson says she values the friendships she has acquired during her tenure at Hampton University. 

“Meeting the lifelong friends I have today and traveling the world with the band and with those friends taught me to be responsible and get things done,” she said.

Graduating Hamptonians are delighted to celebrate the end of a long, hardworking educational journey.

“A hundred days to me as a senior means a lot,” said Robert Jacobs III, a graduating senior Finance major from Richmond, Virginia. “People with whom I had unforgettable times and laughs within my freshman and sophomore years are no longer here due to life and the path they’re on, but for the seniors that have been here fighting the fight the whole time, it’s a sense of achievement.”

100 days serves as more than just an excuse for a celebration, but as a reminder that they didn’t quit during their educational trials at Hampton and persevered.


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