HU Students give their take on Winter Premiering TV Shows

Nia White | Staff Writer

Television is often the talk of social media platforms, whether it’s newly premiering shows or shows that have been renewed for another season. Winter television can provide entertainment in a multitude of genres. 

While many people have been awaiting the new season of HBO’s Euphoria, others have been introduced to new shows, like ABC’s Abbott Elementary.

Abbott Elementary is the creation of Quinta Brunson who also stars in the show. The show is mockumentary-style set in a Philadelphia public school. It is centered around Brunson’s character, Janine Teagues, and her challenges as a new teacher. 

“I really love the nuance and humor that the show has,” HU junior Savannah Lovelace-Swann said. “Usually, when it’s a comedic show, there’s a setup and punchline, but Abbott Elementary doesn’t really have that.”

The cast, featuring Tyler James Williams, Lisa Ann Walter and Sheryl Ralph Lee, is part of the reason why many people were drawn to the show. 

“I started watching because I had seen the people starring in the show, and it’s a show full of Black people talking about real problems,” HU sophomore Cholena Walker said. 

Other new shows like Showtime’s Yellowjackets are also a topic of discussion. Showtime describes the show as a coming-of-age drama where a high school girls’ soccer team must navigate surviving a plane crash in the wilderness. 

“The best part [of Yellowjackets] is seeing women who are and have overcome a traumatic event,” HU junior Katelyn Simmons said. 

While some shows have premiered as new shows this winter, others have come back as favorites. Black-ish and This Is Us have returned for their final seasons this winter. 

Black-ish premiered on Jan. 4 with Michelle Obama guest starring. 

Euphoria season two premiered on Jan. 9 on HBO almost three years after the first season. The show starring Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, and Sydney Sweeny has been highly anticipated.

Euphoria is a show set in a California town, where high schooler Rue and her friends navigate a world full of their challenges, according to HBOMax. 
While some favorites like Black-ish and This Is Us will not be returning to television after this season, others like Yellowjackets will be coming back. Many people will most likely be looking for more seasons of favorites like Abbott Elementary.


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