Sweet Lives Of The Young & Successful

Tigist Ashaka | Social Media Manager

Two cast members from Sweet life: Los Angeles are collaborating with streetwear brand Cross Colours. Both men are successful in the music and the comedy world.  

Sweet life: Los Angeles, is a show about young Black adults focusing on their achievements while living lavishly in South Los Angeles. The show is an unscripted series produced by Issa Rae about a group of Black friends in their mid-20s living in LA trying to find their way in the world. 

P’Jae Compton is a South Central native and works in the music industry as the co-owner and artist manager of the new record label, Lost Sound. He’s focusing the music he makes on fashion, social media marketing and modeling. 

Robert Lee is an up-and-coming comedian and teacher. He moved from Chicago to LA about a year ago.

The collaboration with P’Jae and Rob is with an upcoming Cross Colours x Foot Locker Campaign, a project that solidifies Footlocker’s dedication to showcasing the talent and voices of Black creators. 

Both men felt like this experience with Cross Colours was exciting and educational.

“I am new to the brand, but hearing the deep dive into, like, the history and stuff and just being a part of something like that is pretty dope for the culture,” said P’Jae. 

Since the 2020 BLM protests, many companies have tried to show their support for Black people by including the Black community in their projects.

When asked how this collaboration is different from the other brands they have worked with, they replied with excitement.

“Well, I would say the emphasis on Black. You know, they highlighted black news, highlighted black skin tones, you know, even the color green, yellow, and red. I don’t know what to say, they’re about it, but I rarely see it,” said Lee.

P’Jae agreed.

“He kind of took my answer from me, but yes, it is all about, for me, culture,” said P’Jae.

Season two of Sweet Life: Los Angeles will still focus on the friend group, but give more insight into the cast’s personal life.

“Next season is a bit of the same in a sense, but also a deeper dive into each individual and who we are. I’ll give you a different perspective of like, you know, who we are, our lives, our relationships, family. It is just a deep dive into everyone and tries to connect with you guys on a different level,” said P’Jae.

You can watch season two of Sweet Life: Los Angeles in August on HBO Max.


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