Carr Couture Boutique: A New Legacy of Fashion 

Nia White | Staff Writer

Carr Couture Boutique was launched in June 2021 from the fashion-driven mind of Lillian Carr, a Hampton University sophomore. Carr’s inspiration for the launch of her boutique came from her interest in the fashion industry and her background as a Strategic Communication major. 

“I got the fashion inspiration from different boutiques that I admire as well as people within the fashion industry, vendors that I enjoy looking at on social media and other platforms that really produce fashion,” Lillian Carr said. 

Carr Couture Boutique is an online boutique that specializes in clothing for women of all ages. 

“Carr Couture is a place for fashionistas who dare to be different,” Carr said. “Carr Couture is not just a boutique, it’s a brand. It’s a place where anyone who has a passion for fashion or is interested in learning more about how their fashion sense can grow.” 

The launch of the boutique came after many years of thought, but Carr decided to begin her journey as a business owner in February 2021. 

“I have a passion for fashion, and I wanted to have the opportunity to share my passion on a bigger platform so the ability to do that through a boutique came to mind,” Carr said. “I had extra free time during the pandemic. I thought that it would be the perfect time to finally launch my boutique.” 

After developing the goal of her business, Lillian prepared to launch Carr Couture Boutique. 

“I prepared to launch by gathering all of my business documents, doing a lot of research, creating a business account, getting the necessary funds to launch my business and preparing the looks that I wanted to launch for my business,” Carr said. 

After getting the research and financial side of her business organized, Carr attempted to establish her business’s advertising and photography side. 

“I advertise my business through emails, text messages, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok,” Carr said. 

Running a small business comes with many responsibilities, including brand promotion and other forms of advertisement. 

“The most challenging part is definitely photo shoots,” Carr said. “I feel like everyone thinks that photoshoots are really fun, and they are, in retrospect. However, it’s truly a lot of planning for hair and makeup. You also have to plan for weather changes because you truly never know what will happen in your photos.” 

As a business specializing in fashion, the images are an essential part of the brand. 

“Photos are truly one of the most important parts of your work, so if you don’t have that piece, then you won’t have the product to produce, and people won’t be drawn to your brand,” Carr said. 

Every business has its challenges, especially for student entrepreneurs attempting to balance work and school. 

“It’s tough trying to balance running a business while also being a full-time student,” Carr said. “It’s been really difficult to maneuver such trying times, but I’m persevering and making the most out of my experience.”

Carr is aiming to continue her business while also being a successful student. 

After moving on campus, Carr decided to take a break from releasing new clothing items and focus on her academics. Lillian still plans to keep Carr Couture up and running even during her vacation. 

“I plan to keep my business running by continuing advertising and just making sure that people know my brand,” Carr said. “I hope that through this next year I am able to engage as many people as possible and build my following so that I can grow my business.” 

Carr plans to continue expanding her brand, both as a student and after graduating. 

“I honestly just hope my business continues to grow,” Carr said. “I hope that when I graduate from Hampton, I am able to run my business full-time along with whatever else I choose to do with my degree. I want people to know that they have people within the industry that care about them and care about curating the best styles for them.”


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