The Future is Female: SGA’s Upcoming Big Three

Angela Session | Staff Writer

(Picture Credit: Amber Wynne)

As SGA elections at Hampton closed April 9, the results were astonishing.

The SGA President, Vice President, and Representative to the Board of Trustees positions, also known as the ‘Big Three’ on campus for the 2021-2022 school year, are women. Holding positions that were formerly male-dominated, these three women will now serve as the face of the student body at Hampton University. SGA President, Vice President, and Representative to the Board of Trustees are as follows respectively; Kimberlee-Mykel Thompson, Amber Wynne and Zuri Williams.These women will also be looked upon to represent Hampton women, who also make up the majority of the student body. 

With pressure to both be the representatives for all Hampton students and be a woman in a high leadership position, these three women are ready to get the job done for the upcoming school year.

SGA’s newly-elected Representative to the Board of Trustees, Zuri Williams is a sophomore pre-med major from Cincinnati, Ohio. She currently serves as the sophomore class Vice President and held the same position during her freshman year. 

Amber Wynne is a junior health science policy administration major, criminal justice minor from Columbia, Maryland, who goes by the pronouns she/her. Wynne is still in awe about winning the election. 

“To see a ‘Big 3’ where every seat is taken up by a Black woman is monumental. In fact, this may be the first time this has happened at Hampton University as a whole,” Wynne said.

In her speech, she stated that it was about creating a legacy, and she is beyond honored to have been elected to serve as part of this legacy. 

“This election is more than selecting your next SGA representatives, it’s about creating a lasting legacy that extends beyond the one-year term,” she stated.

Sharing how she would use her position to empower women on Hampton’s campus, she stated that she would use her new leadership to try to bring more women to the table.

“My hope is that through my position I can help establish true equity on campus for every Hampton woman,” Wynne said. “More often than not, we do not celebrate each version of the Hampton woman. Whether that is establishing resources or bringing more women to the table, I hope to create an environment where every Hampton woman is loved and supported.”

SGA President-elect Kimberlee-Mykel Thompson is a junior strategic communications major from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who goes by the pronouns she/her. Thomspon served as SGA Vice President during the 2020-21 school year. 

Sharing that she has a lot planned for the upcoming year, a few of the first things she plans to do once in office is, “the annual implementation of Wellness Days, restructuring the student grievance policy, and increasing programming and partnerships for marginalized communities, on campus.”

Knowing that the “Big Three” is female-dominated, she hopes that our SGA administration can help shed light on the nuances of women’s leadership. 

“So often, the world puts powerful women in boxes, but I want us to break down those stereotypes and show that the Hampton woman is who you choose to make her, not who she’s told to be,” Thompson said.


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