How Can You be a Better Woman?

Mia Concepcion | Staff Writer

Women are powerful. They are life-givers, agents of change, and when banded together, an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. 

However, many women have expressed that when issues arise such as lack of self-esteem and being compared to other women, it can be a major roadblock to self actualization. Another woman’s successes does not diminish your own. It must become a habit to celebrate one another instead of internalizing another’s victories as your defeat or inadequacy. Here are four ways to become the best woman you can be.

Stop living in fear

It’s so easy to hold back the real version of yourself to appease others. Trends are constantly circulating with people prepared to follow them. Step up and stand out! Be the person you envision yourself being, even if it’s uncomfortable. Go against the grain and break out of the monolithic mold society places on women. A second opinion is not always needed for the outfit you may consider wearing or the business you desire to start. The fear of being unliked, inadequate or dismissed should no longer be a thought. Don’t hold back any longer, and walk forth with confidence in your purpose. 

Former Miss Black Teen US Ambassador, Ciara White-Sparks, explained the doubts she had with confidence in pageantry, and how she overcame them.

“In order to be a winner, you have to think like a winner,” said White-Sparks. “When I go on stage, I don’t think about the competition. I think about, ‘I’ve already won this title. I’m just going to show the judges why they gave me this and know I’m going to execute it well.’”

Don’t compare yourself to other women 

Comparison is the thief of joy. It often leads to feelings of inadequacy and disappointment within oneself. Also, don’t see another woman as “better” than you. Don’t think that you have to become her just to feel good about yourself. Instead, be inspired by her, celebrate her victories with her, and see how that dose of inspiration causes you to evolve into the woman you aspire to be. Oftentimes, people notice qualities of others, wishing they had them. The truth is, you can have those qualities. In fact, you might already have them. You just have to find it. 

Practice body positivity 

Women are often burdened with the idea of having to be a certain shape or size that equates to beauty. Women have been conditioned to think that being skinny is what makes a body beautiful. However, it’s when an individual embraces the skin they are in that true beauty emanates. Therefore, love your body for what it is. Protect it and handle it with love, because it is a temple. 

Eva Davis, a senior molecular biology major and current Miss Phi Beta Sigma, shares a few practical ways to show your body more love.

“Try to find one thing you love about yourself every day and why,” said Davis. “Avoid face altering filters that will leave you questioning your true beauty.”

Practice self-love 

Self-love looks different for everyone because we all carry our own definitions of it. Therefore, fuel yourself with the activities and thoughts that drive your happiness. Do what you love, and love what you do. Do not feel the need to hold onto toxic relationships that are not worth your time. You are worth more. Invest in yourself and friendships that add value to your life. Finally, be sure to pour love into yourself in the same way that is done for others. Pouring out love can be difficult when it is done from an empty cup. 


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