Hampton’s Student Recruitment Team Holds Their Annual Intake Week

Vashti Dorman | Staff Writer

Photo byHampton University Student Recruitment Team

From March 25-30, the Hampton University Student Recruitment Team (SRT) held their intake week virtually with the fresh, inviting theme of “Bridgerton,” a popular Netflix show that was recently released and quickly took social media by storm. The week started with a teaser video announcing the commencement of the week and the subject for each proceeding event. 

“Whoever edited that video did an outstanding job because I thought I was seeing an ad for the actual show,” said Briana Previlon, a third-year political science major from Boston, Massachusetts. 

SRTis a student organization that assists with the recruitment of high school students from the Hampton Roads area and around the country. The organization hosts annual events such as Highschool Day, Open House and Honors Visitation weekend, which allows prospective students to get a glimpse of Hampton University. The Student Recruitment Team also gives tours throughout the year to students and families interested in seeing the campus and learning more about what programs Hampton has to offer. 

With much buzz created around the Bridgerton themed promotional video, many Hampton Students were revved up to attend the Student Recruitment Team’s events. 

“I saw the flyers all down my timeline, plus I love the show Bridgerton,” said Cheri Manning, a third-year psychology major from Rochester, New York. “I was definitely excited after seeing the theme.” 

The first event held was the “SR Tea Party” which was a meeting for all students interested in getting more information on SRT and how to apply for membership. Many fresh Hampton faces joined the zoom call, seeming excited and dressed to impress in business professional attire. 

The subsequent events took place the following week on Monday, March 29, with their A Family Affair, interactive game night. This event was for current SRT members and students interested in joining SRT to bond through different games and activities. 

On Tuesday, March 30, SRT held an event titled The Royal Ball. The event included a speed dating activity designed for prospective members to get to know each of the SRT team members personally. 

SRT developed a system that allows current team members to connect to current high school students by text message and email. Each member was assigned a mentee who could ask them any questions about attending Hampton, applying, scholarships, etc. This new initiative is called Pirate Talks. This allowed many SRT members to stay involved in the recruitment process while being virtual. 

“The Student Recruitment Team to me is a welcoming and accepting family organization that helps prospective students find that one-of-a-kind college experience,” said Raven Harper, a third-year journalism major, marketing minor from Houston, Texas. “Whether that’s at Hampton or not, we get to give back to the community by helping them decide what’s best for them and what to look for in a college/university; them coming to Hampton is the bonus.” 


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