Hampton University SGA Elections: The Race Begins for Fall 2021

 Noa Cadet | Staff Writer

March 23 marked the beginning of Hampton University’s annual SGA Elections. Coordinated by Hampton University’s Office of  Student Activities in conjunction with the Student Government Association (SGA), candidates from across the university filled in their applications to run for class and SGA office positions. 

This year, SGA positions such as SGA President, SGA Vice-President and Representative to the Board of Trustees are available to current candidates. In addition to SGA positions, student leadership positions are also available for the rising senior, junior and sophomore classes. 

According to the Assistant Director of Student Activities, Kristina Janes, the voting period will officially begin on Friday, April 9,  from 9 AM Eastern Time to 4 PM Eastern Time.  During this window, students can vote for leadership positions within SGA, as well as for whom they want for leadership positions within their respective class. Before the voting window opens up, Hampton students will receive an email with instructions on how to vote via a Blackboard link. This link is also to be distributed through both the Student Activities and SGA Instagram accounts.

Due to the nature of remote learning, in-person campaigns and the spreading of fliers throughout the school is impossible, so how can one still effectively campaign and spread their name throughout the school?

According to Janes, candidates can post fliers on their respective social media accounts, which can only be reposted by members of their campaign team, which is submitted along with their application. These posts can be fliers but can also be videos or other forms of media. In addition to social media posts, candidates are also able to hold up to one social campaign event via remote meeting mediums such as Instagram Live or Zoom. However, to hold these events officially, candidates must inform HU Student Activities before making the event public. This allows a Hampton University official to attend the event and ensure that the proceedings are held to a standard and that the campaign remains fair. 

“I suggest creating an appealing and concise flyer that talks about why you’re running, what your vision and goals are, and when voting is,” says Hampton University Student Senator Gabriel Lewis. 

When asked how to effectively campaign during a period in which in-person campaign tactics cannot be utilized, Lewis was quick to offer his suggestions.

“Have a group of friends as a part of your campaign, willing to spread your flyers and promotional material and ensure your name gets out there. Also, use your one campaign event towards the end of the campaign period to make sure voters know your name and face and get the chance to meet you before the voting period so that you are still fresh on their minds on Election Day. Also, make sure you get everything approved by Hampton University, and that you follow up with them to ensure your material gets approved quickly,” said Lewis. 

With April 9 just over the horizon, there is still time for candidates to spread their name and make sure that they are in the minds of every voter come Election Day.  As for voters, make sure you get out there and vote for your chosen candidate!


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