A Photo is Worth A Thousand Words

Kennedy P. Buck | Staff Writer

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford once said that, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Photographers do their absolute best to not only capture the best shot, but also capture the best possible message of the subject. Photographers rely on their lens to tell a story and hopefully the viewers can interpret it in the best way possible.

What happens when these photographers are no longer able to continue taking photos of the things that matter to them? When the country went on a worldwide lockdown, a lot of photographers no longer had access to spaces to produce concepts for photos and even lost access to shooting subjects due to new social distance regulations.

Three Hampton University students: Jordin Wright, Olivia Mitchell and Mikayla Roberts shared how they kept their passion alive within their own photography and what they hope people leave with after seeing their photos.

Q: Who or what has inspired you to keep pursuing photography even while this world is on a pause?

Jordin: “If I didn’t have the support from my friends and family, I would just be a girl with a dream. I can grow my business and my craft because of the support system around me. The few photographers in the Charlotte, NC area also push me to be better. I’m learning so much everyday and can’t wait to bring my photography to Hampton U.”

Q: What do you want people to leave with after seeing some of your work?

Mikayla: “I want my audience to see life without the fluff. I do my best to keep my photos as raw as possible because I believe that too much editing can create a euphoric sense of the subject, and although that is the goal for certain photo shoots, I generally try to stay away from that.”

Q: How have you kept your passion alive while in quarantine?

Olivia: “I continue to think of different photo shoots and some of them I have been able to execute while others are still in the works. I am in no rush to post them either, I’m just happy I can continue doing something I love. The encouragement from my peers from the HerCampus team also pushes me to stay active and to continue being active even if we are unable to be on campus. But one thing I always do is take photos on my phone. Anytime I am somewhere, whether it is a restaurant or an outing with my friends, I always snap a picture.”

Make sure to keep up with Jordin, Olivia, and Mikayla as they continue making their marks through their photos!

Jordin Wright is a Freshman Journalism major from Peekskill, NY.  @flap.photography

Mikayla Roberst is a Sophomore Journalism major, Sociology minor from Marietta, GA. @_m4media

Olivia Mitchell is a Junior Biology Pre-Med major from Bowie, Maryland. @livslenshu

Photo By: Jordin Wright         

Photo By: Olivia Mitchell

Photo of Mikayla Roberts


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