The Hampton “100 Days” Holiday Tradition Continues

Angela Session | Staff Writer

Photo credit: Jade Brown

Made to commemorate the final months as undergraduates, “100 Days” is a school-wide celebration for Hampton seniors, who are about to graduate and make their mark on the world. Even though everything is virtual this school year and many can’t celebrate the way they normally do, the excitement was still present within the student body. 

In prior years, students celebrated with parties and gatherings at the student center for 12-2, another Hampton tradition. This year, celebrations were all over, with students dispersed across the country.

To explain all the excitement around the Hampton Holiday, I talked to graduating senior, Jade Brown, who hopes to one day become a traveling consultant, on what “100 Days” meant for her. 

“A Hampton rite of passage! All of my memories of 100 Days have been happy, and it makes me proud to be a Hampton student,” Brown shared. “I love how the student body as a union is always excited to celebrate such an important milestone. Whether you’re an incoming freshman excited to finally be in college or a graduate senior rewarding yourself on how far you’ve come, everyone is always lit! It’s one of Hampton’s holidays we all love to see, especially seniors!”

With a few months left at Hampton, Brown shared that she progressively matured from her freshman year to now, as the years went on. She mentioned she had a few low moments but is forever grateful for them for showing her the strength she had inside of her. Despite celebrating graduation in May, she added that she will miss how simple life can be in college.

Reflecting back on things she would’ve done differently, Brown said she wished she practiced patience. 

 “There were times when I was an underclassman where I wished I could have partaken in things upperclassmen were doing like moving off-campus and now having that, I love it, but it also comes with so much responsibility. I also wish I had better use of my time where I prioritized certain things and people over more important factors,” she explained.

With many memories under her belt since attending Hampton, one of her favorites was precollege. In Brown’s words, life was carefree since no one had serious classes to worry about and everyone was genuinely happy to make new friends in a new environment. Homecoming and spring fest are also a few of her top contenders.

Most seniors and upperclassmen try to advise those behind them to help make their lives a little easier, so I asked what advice she would give to younger students. “Getting involved.” Hampton offers many clubs and activities for students, and she regrets not taking the initiative of joining earlier on. Brown advises underclassmen to put themselves out there, stating how she has gained great friendships in the short time that she has been involved on campus.

Since “100 Days” highlights the remaining days the senior class has at Hampton, Brown has a rather bittersweet feeling about leaving. She explained it’s because her college experiences are not ending the way she wanted, which is something the 2020 graduates can relate to. Despite that, she believes that everything happens for a reason and is excited about her plans post-graduation, and starting a new chapter. 


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