3 Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day safely During a Pandemic

Deja Dodson | Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

It is no surprise that holidays have been affected by the pandemic. Families have had to do Zoom calls for Christmas or Skype for Thanksgiving. However, how will couples be able to spend an intimate holiday together while staying safe during the pandemic? Here are three ways you and your partner can safely celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Drive-In Movie Date

Dinner and a movie has always been a classic date night idea. However, since the pandemic, there has been an increase in drive-in movie theaters.  

According to Insider writer Sophie-Claire Hoeller, drive-in movie theaters were extremely popular in the 1950’s and 60’s and are currently making a comeback. The increase is because it’s a fun way to get out while socially distancing. It’s important to note that before you attend a movie, make sure that you and your date have tested negative for COVID-19. Due to being in a confined space, you need to ensure that your health is excellent before watching a film. 

A lot of our local traditional movie theaters have opened back up with COVID guidelines such as separated seating, mandated mask wearing and a limited number of people inside of the theater. This method has not been everyone’s favorite movie experience due to it being a bit more pricey.

With Valentine’s day being such an intimate holiday, you may want to hug, hold hands or even share a kiss, so being in the comfort of your vehicle is a great way to not only get out of the house but to be comfortable while enjoying a movie.   

Hiring a Personal Chef

Cooking for your lover is always a great idea; however, if you cannot cook or even if you want to spice up the at-home date night, you can always hire a great chef to come to cook up a meal.

Restaurants have begun to shut their doors again in many counties and states. Restaurants have now resorted to only offering take out orders or outdoor dining. While outdoor dining is a great idea, in most cases, the weather does not cooperate. 

To eliminate reheating food, having a personal chef come to your kitchen and making a great meal might be a better alternative. It’s important to ensure that the chef has tested negative prior to entering your home, and wears a mask the entire time. 

Romantic Walk

Getting out of the house and walking is a popular idea due to long hours on a computer for work or classes. Finding a lovely park that is not too crowded has been discussed as a great idea this year for Valentine’s Day.

“To me, Valentine’s Day is about the simple things that make each other happy so spending quality time together while getting fresh air is perfect,” said Hampton sophomore Kira Johnson. 

In the DMV are some nice areas to walk this year including: Watkins Park in Kettering, MD, Aquatic Gardens in Northeast Washington D.C. and Waterfront Park in Alexandria, Virginia. Due to the weather being colder, make sure to dress warm! Bringing some picnic snacks/food might add a little spice to the nice walk this year on Valentine’s Day. 

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s important to make sure you stay safe if you choose to celebrate. Romantic walks, drive-in theaters and hiring a personal chef are some of the great ways to celebrate with your friends or significant other. While it truly doesn’t matter what you plan for February 14th, it’s important to remember that your gift or perfect day should come from the heart and that you’re safe while doing so.


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