Nintendo users await new Switch console

Isaiah Taylor | Staff Writer

Photo Source: Associated Press; Business Wire 

As Nintendo looks to compete with the market of new generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony that released last November, rumors have been floating around the market of a new Switch console hitting the shelves later this year. 

The Nintendo Switch Pro is currently the name being used to describe the rumored mid-life cycle console refresh for the Nintendo Switch. 

Back in August 2020, Bloomberg reported that Nintendo was investigating a new Switch model that has not only 4K viewing “high-definition graphics,” but also more computing power. 

The question is whether Nintendo Switch Pro would feature Mini-LED technology—leading to an increased battery life, as well as improvements in the screen’s brightness and contrast, compared to the current LCD display.

“I have the original Switch, and although I’m pleased with the quality of the current system, I have always been a fan of Nintendo, and I do plan on supporting the release of their next console, whenever that may be,” said Cameron Vance, a Hampton University engineering major from Baltimore, Maryland. 

In a recent interview with Polygon, Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser said the Nintendo Switch is “at the midpoint of this life cycle,” and that the company is in no immediate rush to replace it.

Nonetheless, if the Switch Pro rumors are true, then it’s highly likely the newer console could feature some quality-of-life changes beyond just a specs boost, including updated hardware and improved battery life, which some Nintendo Switch users feel strongly about. 

“I love my switch, but I feel like I barely get a chance to play it because it’s constantly charging,” said Paige Billingsly, a Hampton University third-year marketing major from Atlanta. “I hope the new model has the improved battery life it claims to have.” 

Although a Switch Pro would not necessarily be a replacement for the current Switch console, it would be an innovative build that can compete with the other gaming consoles. It could potentially be a version for consumers who want more out of the console rather than it just being handheld. Nintendo has done this many times with previous models in the past such as Nintendo 2DS, 3DS and 3DSXL handheld systems.


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