Manifesting Your Dreams

Kennedy P. Buck | Staff Writer

Believe it, see it, and then achieve it. 

This probably seems like a typical cliche phrase that people say to themselves to calm their nerves and minimize their stress, but really this is a form of manifestation. The exact definition of manifestation from Merriam Webster is the “public display of emotion or feeling, or something theoretical made real.” This means that when a person honestly believes and sees something happening and does everything in their power to make sure it happens, that dream, or goal will most certainly happen. 

The question on many people’s minds will be, “does manifesting your dreams and goals work?” It works according to that person and their mindset. When someone starts to include speaking things into existence in their daily routine, it becomes more than a habit, it becomes a mentality. Just adding little things to the end of your sentences will change your mindset: “I need to expand on my writing skills before I start at my dream job as a magazine editor this summer.” By adding it into your everyday conversation, you are making a small mental note to yourself to not only apply this to your life but to also make sure it is followed through. 

According to a survey done by Study Break, by 2018 a trend was beginning to show that more people were not only speaking things into existence, but also putting pictures of their goals up around their house to remind themselves to never lose faith. StudyBreak also went on to say, “Speaking something into existence is an easy task to fit into your daily routine; in fact, by doing so, you are already becoming a part of the trend.”

Some useful tips to manifest your goals is a combination of the following things. First, write and post your goals in a place you see daily. It can help by posting them on your mirror or somewhere by your bed. Next, set a reminder to recite your goals daily. It can seem tedious at first but it helps to build a routine. Finally, personalize it to fit you. Not all manifestations will work for you. Create some that will specifically motivate you. 

It is also important to note that speaking things into existence any type of way will not work. A person must have confidence when speaking things into fruition and truly envision whatever they want happening. Manifestation is key and remember to believe it, see it, and you can and will achieve it. 


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