Divided in Sanctity

Kailah Lee|Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of Opposition-Politics, Clip Art

Home. A concept of living that has a face of togetherness, warmth and security. It is a place to confide in family and rest one’s weary head. The feeling of family is truly what makes a home, but as family exists, so do individuals with layers and differing opinions within the home.

It is healthy to disagree, but to what degree does a disagreement become a problem? I can delve into debatable topics all day, but the issue of politics seems to be taking the wheel.

The choice a person makes between left or right might often determine their social status. People have lost friends, followers and even jobs just based on their views. But what about the family? Sure, you could distance yourself from a family member, but what if you live with someone whose different views present themselves as problematic?

“I mean, if I was living in the same household as an avid Trump supporter, I’m not sure how good our relationship would be. Like you seriously have to have some missing screws to side with him,” said Dana Williams, a nurse in Henrico, Virginia.

So the next question comes down to if you could separate a person’s political views from their moral compass.

“If you elect an individual who believes in racism, misogyny and other -isms, to say the least, then you believe in those same things,” said Alana Stokes, a student at Randolph Macon University.

The argument is usually that they select someone who aligns with their conservative or liberal values; because voting is a duty, they must pick.

Which in reality is fair, but this political environment is not so black and white. When you select a candidate, you are not only voting with that party, but you’re also voting for a person with their own character and personality flaws.

“I thoroughly believe that a person’s character influences their decisions. What do we do the instant a president decides that he hates a race of people and gathers a group of minions to push his agenda for whatever? Like, how could you side with someone like that?” said Savanna Ross, a Virginia resident.

As you grow older, you start seeing family members like people. As a result, home can quickly turn into a house—or merely a shell with bodies that do not interact. In fact, the home could equally be a nightmare as it is a dream.

The world already puts so much on you, and one’s humble abode should be a sanctuary. Many people deal with situations that negate this—home could equally be a place of great stress.

In hindsight, politics have been another reason to divide people, and it’s actually quite sad how politics have divided families.

“Politics is always the elephant in the room. One moment you’re making a joke and somebody gets mad. Now y’all are having a debate that was completely pointless,” said Andrew Williams, a Henrico, Virginia, resident.

How is it possible to live with people whose morals and views are counter to yours?

Believe me when I say it’s possible. It may feel like a never-ending river of nagging and uncomfortable dynamics. Still, it is more than likely a temporary situation.

As much as you might want to talk about issues you are passionate about, it might be best to just suppress them in the name of parental control. You could leave, but if that is not a choice, try changing the topic.

If they initiate the conversation, think of a diversion to de-escalate the situation. Or just calmly agree to disagree. 

By no means should you change who you are, but just think of the greater good. Suppose the topic of politics tends to make for a problematic atmosphere. In that case, it is probably best that you keep your different opinions to yourself.

Disagreements are perfectly healthy; it just comes down to the arguers. Now, are both parties willing to accept their differences and live harmoniously as possible? That’s a whole different story. 


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