Why is America so divided?

Tigist Ashaka | Staff Writer

Shutterstock user Top Vector Studio

A wise person once said, “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” With that in mind, why are we so quick to speak and slow to listen? This country is very divided because no one is taking the time to sit down and listen. One of the great things about America is that everyone is different. People come from other regions of the world. The diverse American population allows for different beliefs and values which truly makes the United States a great place to live. However, it may be the very differences in American values and beliefs, especially along the lines of politics and race, that burn more bridges than they create.

Many HU students point out that race is one of the most significant divisions in America. HU student Nyasia Parks said, “Everyone has a different background, so there are bound to be disagreements.” Another HU student pointed out that America never addresses the issues. “We just ignored the problem,” said Chris Henderson.“What makes things worse is that people make up their own facts and fiction.” 

Today, with the presidential election approaching, things are beyond divided. You cannot say you support Trump or Biden without an argument. What happened to when we could talk about our disagreements like mature adults and still be friends at the end of the day? We can’t even agree on essential issues such as health care, education and climate change.

Some might say the media has something to do with it. The documentary The Social Dilemma gave a great example of how our brain is being manipulated by what we see on social media. If you only follow people who think like you, you only see their side of the story. You cannot base your thinking only on what you see. That’s not how you grow as a person.

OK, work with me, close your eyes and imagine an airplane. For the aircraft to fly, it needs both wings. When the right wing wants to turn right, the left wing has to change from vertical lift to horizontal lift. The left wing has to accommodate the right so that you can reach your destination. American leaders have to work together so that they can better the country. When it comes to making this a better place for race and gender to live, we have to work together. It is not about Republicans or Democrats; it is about the people. Your hate for the other side should not get in the way of making a decision. Like the name of our country, we should be united to make this a better place for all people. 


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