My Waterfront Experience

Angela Session | Photojournalist

Everyone has their own experience at Hampton. Although my freshman year was cut short due to the current pandemic, I spent a lot of time there along the waterfront. It first began during Pre-College. I met two of my best friends at a party held by Freshman Studies, and the next day we went to the waterfront around sunset, where we took pictures together with my camera. When I returned to Hampton at the end of the summer, a freshman, the waterfront happened to be right outside my dorm. I met other classmates, re-connected with friends from the summer, and relaxed there. Being one of the few peaceful spots on campus, I always went to the waterfront when I needed to unwind and take pictures. While being there, I’ve watched others spend time with their friends, families, and significant others. I’ve seen the people on the other side of the marina get on their boats and go exploring towards Norfolk and seen some come back from their adventures, tying up their boats for the day. Hopefully next year I can make more memories at the waterfront.


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