Anyae Johns | Staff Writer

Courtesy of Hampton University Office of Alumni Affairs

 Hampton University’s homecoming celebration is a time where alumni can come back to their “Home by the Sea” and remember the good times they shared on our illustrious campus. 

It gives students a moment to realize how much they love their HBCU and connect with some of the most elite people in the world. Thousands of people travel from all over the country to step foot on campus for one of the best weekends of the year. Our culture shines bright for everyone to see, and it is always a celebration that you don’t want to miss.

Alumni and students put tons of time and energy into preparing for homecoming. You must get your fits prepared for every event, remain hydrated and stay ready because HUHC1868 does not come to play. Homecoming will always be a time where we can relax, have fun and be proud.

Each year, homecoming is filled with events such as a bonfire, block parties, cabarets, daily 12-2’s, 12-5 on Friday, concerts, parties, tailgates, the football game, the fashion show, food trucks, vendors, step shows, band performances and convocation. 

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram went up in flames with the recent announcement to cancel the HUHC1868 gathering. It was a hard decision for the administration to make, but it was the safest option. 

“It makes me sad because I live for October to come to my Home by the Sea to see my friends and family. I’m grateful that we have the virtual homecoming. So far I’ve been able to see the different events and memories, although I miss my Hampton family and receiving my Hampton hugs,” said April Rogers, class of Ogre Phi Ogre 6.

No HBCU students or alumni could picture a school year without homecoming. Either way, from the students to the alumni, everyone is going to represent homecoming week, canceled or not. 

Hampton University’s Office of Alumni Affairs had to do something to bring everyone together in some way with the pandemic going on. They put together Homecoming-Ish, Hampton University’s first virtual homecoming. From Oct. 19 to 25, alumni and students tuned in to watch the events through Facebook and YouTube. Even though they were not able to gather in person, the comments were filled with love and gratitude as they watched the events take place virtually. 

Not being able to attend homecoming on campus in person really put a damper on the moods of alumni, students and faculty. 

“It takes away the real fun of a college campus feel,” HU alumnus Breeon Buchanan said. “Homecoming isn’t just about the activities but the real connections you get to make with other alumni and friends.”

Virtual homecoming will do for now, but the countdown for Homecoming 2021 begins now and it will certainly be one for the books. 


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