Businesses nationwide prep for the release of new gen consoles

Isaiah Taylor | Photojournalist

Courtesy of Isaiah taylor

As the new year is rapidly approaching, gamers around the world receive a constant reminder that the future of modern console gaming is right around the corner. 

It has been seven long years since both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 systems were initially launched by Microsoft and Sony. Both companies find themselves preparing to release the next generation of gaming consoles: the Xbox Series X on November 10 and the PlayStation 5 on November 12. Fans on both sides of the spectrum are stoked about the new features both systems have to offer.

The Xbox Series X is a good choice for cross-platform games with the option of a game pass service available. Gamers will find an endless selection of games suited for unique preference and play style for only $15 per month including multiplayer online play, making the Xbox Series X a potential must have. 

On the other hand, the PlayStation 5 is shaping up to be an extremely powerful next-gen console capable of 4K gaming, at up to an impressive 120 frames per second. Sony has made it its mission to make its system UI interface sleek, vastly reducing loading screen times. This gives consumers the ability to play Sony exclusive titles such as Demon Souls, Horizon Forbidden West and even Spiderman: Miles Morales in crystal-clear 4K.

With Microsoft backing the newly arrived Xbox Series X and Sony endorsing the brand-new PlayStation 5, the release of these consoles have fans worldwide hyped for their release. Despite the potential health concerns and risks due to COVID-19, many stores around the Atlanta area firmly believe that the show must go on. 

Andy Mcall, a local GameStop manager in the metro Atlanta area, was briefed this past weekend on how their store plans to combat the waves of console-hungry fans eagerly awaiting their copies while also trying to be as clean and safe as possible.

“We have adjusted our strategy to adapt to these new shopping preferences due to these times,” Mcall said. “Our primary objective is to keep our customers safe. We’re only offering a select number of consoles by pre-ordering, and curbside pickup is available by showing your receipt, all at the standard prices, of course.”

It’s not just GameStop stores making accommodations. Retailers of all brands nationwide are offering more online services to match customers’ desires to shop for the consoles in advance for the holiday season. 

Target employee Archie Kyle spoke in detail about the company’s plans for the release days.

“Depending on your Target retailer, stores plans on opening around 8 a.m. with paid security guards patrolling the lines to make sure that all customers are 6 feet away from each other,” Kyle said. “For those customers who have preordered the console online, curbside pickup may be available to you depending on your local Target. In addition to that, we offer price matching, though I doubt the price will be different for any of the other retailers.”

Whether you’re team Xbox, PlayStation or team indifferent, stores all over are making sure that the product is distributed to all consumers safely and effectively right on time for the holiday season. 

Courtesy of Isaiah taylor

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