TELFAR’S rise to prominence


Living in a time of crisis and social isolation has paved the way for a resurgence of creativity and innovation amongst Black businesses. More Black entrepreneurs are pushing their products and gaining support for them. This type of success within such unprecedented times has proven the importance of helping our Black businesses to thrive and shine. TELFAR, a major Black-owned company, which started in the streets of New York City, is leaving a global imprint in the fashion industry.

TELFAR, a unisex clothing line best known for its top tier handbags, is located in Queens, New York. Established in 2005, the company has been making international sales that have since skyrocketed. Although the bag has become popularized in both main- stream media and the world of fashion, the road to success had some unforeseen trials and tribulations.

Telfar Clemens, the fashion mogul responsible for the well-renowned bag, initially introduced his luxurious purses in 2014 during the Autumn/Winter runway show. The TELFAR handbag was fresh and new, but still needed improvements to increase revenue. Utilizing funds of $400,000 collected from the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Award, Clemens revisited his original design to see what adjustments could be made for profitability and variability. The TELFAR bag was then relaunched and made available in multiple colors and sizes in 2018.

Some may wonder how this particular item became popularized so quickly. First, it started with superstars representing the brand. From singer Solange, to A$AP Rocky, and Kelsey Lu, big names began to publicly support TELFAR through their own outfits. Fans have also seen these fashionable bags appear at grandiose events like the Met Gala, thus showing that it is a legitimate product worth the buy and the wear. Not only is it worth the buy, but many fans also deem it to be affordable compared to other fashion companies demanding way more in money. These bags range in prices from $150 to $275, whereas others exceed the $500 mark. These prices do not make the item exclusive to only a particular bracket of individuals, but all who wish to live life in style. TELFAR’s top-of-the-line bag also became popular due to its circulation on social media. The company further branded itself by making memes of people’s reactions to its latest drop of the shopping bags. Memes circulated on various social media platforms, including the infamous Twitter and Instagram.

Aside from branding, Telfar has ensured that customers will be able to safely purchase products. Due to the unexpected website crash on July 23rd, TELFAR had to find a way to compensate its supporters who lost their money and the items they anticipated purchasing. As a result, the Telfar Bag Security Program allowed customers a full day to purchase any bag they desired. Pre-ordered items are expected to arrive between December 15 and January 15, 2021. Items are always high in demand and tend to run out quickly. However, the company always ensures to restock as soon as possible.

Despite its fashionable look, TELFAR has more to offer than just style. TELFAR offers inclusivity and a community for Black boys and girls to immerse themselves in. Not only is this company representative of African Americans, but also Black queers who do not receive the recognition they are deserving of. TELFAR has proven that it is anti-exclusive and wants all to be a part of their journey and their story.


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