A new generation of Alpha Kappa Mu

Noa Cadet | Staff Writer

Marking a monumental moment in Hampton University’s history and carving a brand new chapter in its history, the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society (AKM) held an induction ceremony Feb. 12 in Dett Auditorium to welcome its first line of students since 2016.

According to their official website, Alpha Kappa Mu is an interdisciplinary honor society originally founded at Tennessee A&I College (currently known as Tennessee State University) in Nashville, Tennessee, on Nov. 26, 1937. Dr. George W. Gore Jr., the then-dean of Tennessee A&I College, created the honor society to promote and reward academic excellence among African American scholars and to establish a social outlet in which participants could assist each other in mutual growth. 

Currently, Alpha Kappa Mu has a national total of over 90,000 members, with 67 active chapters located throughout the United States. Due to its roots being centered around black excellence, a good portion of those chapters are located in historically black colleges and universities.

While Hampton University hasn’t played an active role in Alpha Kappa Mu for quite some time, that all changed with the resurgence of Hampton’s Kappa Delta Chapter of AKM, thanks to the participation of its six new members, the efforts of the chapter’s faculty advisor, Dr. Karima Jeffrey, and the support of the English and Foreign Languages department. 

When asked how he felt about being the first line inducted into the society since 2016, Barry Jones, a junior English major and newly inducted AKM vice president from Long Island, New York, was quick to give his thoughts: 

“It feels really good,” Jones said. “I feel even better knowing that I’m surrounded by a group of extremely qualified and intelligent individuals.”

With fresh faces in the chapter, and the world at their fingertips, the new members of the Kappa Delta Chapter certainly aren’t content to just sit around with their new positions. Already, the members are hard at work to create new and exciting events, aimed at improving the campus and lives of students as a whole.

When asked for specifics as to what the future of the chapter might look like, chapter president Cassie Herring, a junior English major from Woodbridge, Virginia, gave us a little peek at what’s to come:

“We’re planning interdisciplinary events that will effect change on campus,” Herring said. “One of the most notable events is our open dialogue with Dr. Norwood, centered around trauma and healing, on March 23rd at 6:30 p.m.”

The 2020 spring semester is already off to a great start, but let’s see how much farther they can take it. Congratulations are in order for all those inducted into the Kappa Delta Chapter. Hampton University as a whole is bound to see a lot more events from the organization as time goes on.


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