HU alumnus B Smoove releases his new music single, “Forever”

Anisa Saigo | Staff Writer

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Photo Credit: B Smoove

Hampton University alumnus Brandon Monroe, also known as B Smoove, just released one of the hottest music singles to kick off the new year: “Forever,” written and produced through Monroe’s company Bsmoove Productions. BsmooveProductions, LLC was founded in October 2016. The Hampton Script recently had a chance to chat with B Smoove, and here’s what he had to say.

How did you get started doing music?

I was an athlete growing up, and I played football in high school. Unfortunately, I sustained four head injuries during my sophomore year, which ultimately ended my sports ambitions. It was truly a dark time for myself as a 16-year-old who thought he had life figured out. I wanted to compete at the highest level, and I put in the time and effort to see that through. However, it just wasn’t in God’s plans for me. I was told by neurologists that I could never play contact sports again. That’s all I did in my eyes at that time. It really sucked because I had to “find myself” again. I started reading self-help books to sort of getting over my injuries and get over myself, and I came across a quote that said: “Your greatest asset is that what you do best, with the least amount of effort.” It stuck with me. I’ve always been pretty good at music. It came naturally. I told myself, “Imagine what you could do if you put some effort in,” and from that point on, I shifted my focus, and music became the driving force for my life, my new passion.

How has Hampton impacted your music journey? Or has it not?

I definitely had some dope music opportunities while I was in school. I had the opportunity to play in the White House under the Obama Administration. I was the drum major of The Marching Force for two years, and I participated in almost every music ensemble there was on campus. Though these experiences were cool, they didn’t really align with what I actually wanted to do. I’m an R&B/pop producer and songwriter who went to school for music education. I was pursuing my passion in my free time, and if you know HBCU marching bands, we didn’t have free time. But school definitely gave me time to mature, develop my craft and really decide what I wanted to do musically.

What challenges have you been through so far within your career in music? Do you do anything else besides music?

I’m really a positive person, so I always see my challenges as obstacles that will never prosper. But I’d say the hardest thing is getting the attention of the right people. Going from telling people you’re a producer and a songwriter to you getting calls about placement opportunities. That crossover between amateur and professional, because if everyone who does music is a professional and operates at that level, it’s a different game.

Tell me more about the new single you’ve produced. Who is the artist on the track?

The new single is called “Forever,” and it’s by BSmooveProductions and Miles B. It’s a love song about finding a girl you’re just crazy about and letting her know that regardless of what’s happened, she’s forever and you want to get back to the way things were when they were better than good. Miles B. is an artist singer/songwriter/producer out of Buffalo, and we’ve worked together quite a few times doing demos for other artists, but this time I told him that I wanted to put a record out. I made the track that same day, and the song was done a couple of days later. The inspiration for this song is just life. I travel a lot, and I’m not doing anything crazy, but when you live, you experience, and when you experience, you create relatable works of art.

What sets you apart from other artists?

I think my musicality and attitude [set] me apart. There are a lot of beat-makers who don’t have musical backgrounds, they just have the ability to sequence and connect loops. Moreover, there are a lot of egos in the industry. Maybe people feel like they deserve more than they’re getting, but I think me being humble at this stage while entering the rooms I’m entering will set me up for success in the next five years. It’s all about your approach and attitude.

What’s it like being a producer?

It’s definitely another ball game in itself. You never stop learning how to be a music producer. It’s more than just making beats. I do everything musically but sing. Be sure to check out “Forever” on all streaming platforms. You can also access the single here: https://songwhip. com/song/bsmooveproductions/foreve.


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