Class of 2020: Onyx 11’s final moments as undergraduate students

Raven Harper | Staff Writer


Tevin Reid | Photo Credit: Malcolm Lott

Hamptonians have arrived back on campus for the spring semester, and for graduating seniors, their last. After four long years, the graduating Onyx class of 2020 is getting ready to cross the stage and go off into the real world equipped with everything Hampton has been preparing them for.

What seemed like yesterday, the Onyx 11 class was just moving into Virginia Clevland (VC), Harkness and other freshman dorms. Throughout those next four years, they have discovered themselves, made memories, created families and more.

Graduating senior, Tevin Reid, an aviation management major with a concentration in airport administration from Norfolk, VA is one of the many seniors going into their last semester at Hampton who really saw growth within themselves in just four years. Reid claimed that while at Hampton, he discovered his purpose and has been able to start living fully during his junior and senior years.

Now a senior, he has many important moments to look forward to, including Senior Ball, Odgen crossing and graduation, just to name a few. However, his upcoming senior capstone project will arguably be the highlight of his semester. In April, Reid will be proposing a newly created major for the Aviation Department, which is a huge accomplishment that his first-year self couldn’t have even imagined.

“Before I came to Hampton, I didn’t talk,” Reid said. “All I did was observe. I thought it was cool to be in the background. Now people want me in the front. People want me to be the voice. It’s like, Tevin, you’ve done something.”

The question every senior gets is “What’s next?” Yet many are still just in awe of how far they have come since the fall semester of 2016. 

Jordyn Edwards, a graduating senior from Indianapolis majoring in strategic communications with an emphasis in liberal studies, described her past four years as “life-changing,” to say the least.

Four years in college seems like a lot of just going to class and work, but according to most seniors, most of the learning was outside the classroom and about themselves.

“Hampton has taught me to be courageous while on pursuit of building my career. I was granted so many opportunities that I didn’t think I was qualified for, but you never really know what you are capable of until you try and give it your all.”

After graduation, Jordyn plans to run her own business, Creating Her Own, a lifestyle branding and design company and work as a brand manager within the media industry. 

Graduating often means letting go of the old college student festivities. During the past four years, the Onyx class has surely racked up a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

As part of the HU Homecoming CommLITee this year, Jordyn’s favorite memory was the entire Homecoming week. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in one weekend before!” Edwards said. “From meeting alumni, embracing the HBCU culture and hanging out with friends, it was definitely ‘A Different Homecoming’ that I will never forget.”

Reid added: “I’m gonna miss the people here. The people are what really kept me here.”

With three months left to go, the class of 2020 is ready to tackle this last semester and finish out strong. Like Hampton has always taught, it’s time to work hard now so they can play harder come April. Good luck to the graduating class of 2020. The clock starts now.


Jordyn Edwards| Photo Credit: Kyra Robinson


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