The Spring Semester kicks off with Campus Curlz!

Noa Cadet | Staff Writer

It is that time of the year again: time to pack away the holiday decorations and return to Hampton University. 

The launch of the new year brings new opportunities and a chance to make new memories meant to last a lifetime. Hampton University’s very own Campus Curlz organization was very quick to take such thinking to heart with their annual welcoming ceremony for new members held Jan. 16.

At this event, Campus Curlz opened their arms to new members with their welcoming ceremony, taking in young women and men who had spent the past semester working tirelessly to ensure his/her acceptance. 

According to HU student Kennedi Jackson, a junior journalism major and leadership studies minor from Atlanta and who currently serves as Head of Mentors for Campus Curlz, the organization was started in 2017 as a “national hairbase, community service organization meant to uplift women and men in the community, do service around Hampton Roads and promote positivity regarding one’s body image.” 

HU Student Jasmine Macklin, a senior business management major from Chicago and Campus Curlz’s Vice President, further explained Campus Curlz’s outstanding contributions to Hampton University through engaging and versatile events such as feminine care drives, recycling events around campus, domestic violence seminars and social networking outlets.

The organization’s hard work isn’t going unnoticed either. According to Macklin, “Campus Curlz receives 40 to 80 applications a year” from students who want to have a chance to be a part of a close-knit community. 

The application process is handled in two stages. The first stage is a regular paper application, on which potential members fill out their information and express their interest in the organization. Applicants who pass this stage move on to group interviews, which allows the executive board of Campus Curlz to get a feel for a candidate’s qualities during a face-to-face conversation. Candidate who make it through the group interviews are then accepted into the organization during the welcoming ceremony, which also serves as the induction of these newest members.

The number of people who want to get in on the Campus Curlz action may be surprising to some, but it certainly isn’t surprising to members of the organization, such as Ariana Green, a senior marketing major from Maryland, who didn’t hesitate when asked to share her experience with the organization: 

“My experience has been amazing,” Green said. “Campus Curlz has played a vital role in helping me build my business: Ariana’s Canvas. I’m so grateful for my friends, the tips that I’ve learned, and the opportunities I’ve had to showcase my talents at events.”

With new members now in the fold, the sky is the limit for Campus Curlz! Congratulations to all the new members, and Hampton University cannot wait to see what will come next. 


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