How to Be Festive Away from Home

Staff Writer: Myeshia Barrett

In college, it can be very overwhelming to be away from your family during the holidays. Christmas is usually a jolly time for most people, but without your family it can be very much humbug! Here are a few ideas to get festive from the comfort of your own campus.


Get a Christmas Tree

Something simple as a desk Christmas tree in your dorm or apartment with shining bright lights and mini ornaments can set the tone for Christmas. Also, it can be the perfect touch for a Secret Santa party!


Secret Santa

Secret Santa is an exciting Christmas tradition to bring friends together. Get a few close friends together, draw random name assignments from a bowl and pick a gift for that friend. It can be really exciting to go Christmas shopping and get in the spirit of giving.


Seeing the Lights

Riding around town to see all the pretty decorations and lights in the community tends to be a personal favorite for college students. This not only is fun and relaxing, but gives you decoration ideas for your own apartment, room or dorm.


Christmas Movies

The simplest, yet most effective way to get in a jolly good mood for Christmas: watch Christmas movies. A classic like Elf, or an oldie like Home Alone can set the perfect Christmas mood. You could even get friends over and have a Christmas movie night.


Christmas Pajamas

Christmas-themed pajamas not only set an attire for Christmas parties, but they make the best Instagram photo ops. Stores like Old Navy and Walmart have cost-effective PJ sets festive enough for you and your besties.


Bake Christmas Cookies

You know the sugar cookies your mom used to bake with Christmas trees and candy canes on the front? They make the perfect addition to any Christmas gathering this month.


These ideas are guaranteed to spice up this holiday season. Merry Christmas!


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