The new Golden Age in San Francisco isn’t looking so golden

Nazim Trammell-Wells | Staff Writer

Golden Age, 73-9, Rings, Goats and a dynasty. These are all words commonly associated with the Golden State Warriors.

For years, the Warriors ran the NBA, with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green securing a championship in 2015. Then, by adding superstar Kevin Durant, Golden State claimed two more titles in 2017 and 2018.

Critics knew the 2018-2019 season was going to be difficult for Golden State for a plethora of reasons. There are obvious signs that the team was growing apart, and also there was no possible way to pay everyone for their services.

Adding on to the misfortune in the latter part of last year, the Warriors caught the injury bug, with Durant and Thompson going down with a torn Achilles and an ACL tear, respectively — injuries that ultimately lost them a chance to three-peat as champions. After the departure of Durant to the Nets and Thompson sitting out for the majority of the season, this year’s team is very different from last year’s.

Which leaves critics wondering: Will there be a new Golden Age in San Francisco?

Curry and Green are the only real returners coming back and will have to lead a young squad. Curry recently broke his hand, so he’s going to miss significant time as well. The Warriors are not left with just scrubs. Newly acquired All-Star D’Angelo Russell brings a lot of optimism to the organization, but many still think that D-Lo isn’t enough to help the Warriors be successful.

“We don’t have Klay, KD left and Steph is hurt,” said Hampton University student Harrington Gardiner, a Warriors fan. “Sure we got D-Lo, but he isn’t Klay Thompson, and I don’t think we have enough to compete in the Western Conference.

“I’m not optimistic for this season. We suck.”

These are hard words coming from a fan who’s used to seeing his team win 60-plus games each season.

The Warriors started 2-6 and have rolled out a lineup full of second-round and undrafted talent.

“Being faced with plenty of adversity due to injuries as well as moving pieces, I thoroughly believe the Warriors realize their current state and are making decisions for the future,” HU student Jonathan Mack said.

“I genuinely feel that we have not seen the last of the Warriors dynasty, and similar to the Spurs when they drafted Tim Duncan, after this season, I expect Golden State to add a key young lottery pick to fit into their franchise, and once they return to full health, they will be a strong contender again.”


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