How to cherish every moment and live in the present

Mia Concepcion | Staff Writer

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Photo Credit: Pexels User Pixabay

It is so easy to become accustomed to the “rush” lifestyle.

Demanding to be here, there and everywhere, with little time to take care of yourself. Putting off responsibilities, or easily hurrying through assignments to arrive at the next destination is not good. Our minds are already making plans for next week without even taking advantage of the present moment. Staying present, as cliché as it sounds, is a present. It’s a gift that is often taken for granted and devalued. Instead of participating in futuristic thinking, learn how to remain grounded in the here and now.

Practice being present by being at peace. It’s typical to engage in exhaustive planning when the mind succumbs to anxiety. Those anxious thoughts begin rumbling and making loud noises such that it becomes almost impossible to think. Quiet those rambunctious thoughts. Make them surrender to your will.

Command those quarrelsome, anxiety-provoking ideas to quiet down. If your mind begins to wander too far from the present, just gently bridle them back to center. Decide to handle what is currently in front of you and recognize the good that you are currently surrounded by. Know that peace is always accessible when choosing to remain in the current rather than placing oneself in the past or the future.

Another way to stay present is to be mindful. Be mindful of your own feelings, actions and thoughts in the current moment. Too often we are bombarded with conversation, noise, responsibility and the like, so that the cycle of simply “going” continues. Intentions become blurred because of the distractions and the outside noise that is never filtered out. Some of the best ways to be mindful is to keep a journal. Record those thoughts that were not attended to earlier in the day. Try reflecting on your feelings and the motivations behind them. Partake in those self-examinations that force you to be transparent with who you are, almost like a wellness visit with the doctor. You are responsible for where your mind goes. The reins to control where your mind travels are in your hands.

To find your way back to the present, be observant. Take part in the observation of your surroundings and who is in them. Ask yourself questions about what you’re seeing and stay alert for life’s surprises. Often, we go about the day without having curiosity.

Curiosity drives one to remain in the present because he is actively searching for his desires. The wise man knows that there is much to be found, but it will only be discovered by having eyes to see. Having eyes to see means staying in the real world and not the digital one. Nowadays, being observant is a challenge because of this generation’s addiction to technology.  We’re so used to tweeting or making every moment Instagrammable that we forget to see. Then we get consumed with how many people shared our tweets or how many likes our picture got and why. That is not being present or being observant of the world in front of you.

Word of advice: Simply pay attention.



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