Holiday giving ideas

Myeshia Barrett | Staff Writer

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 2.34.14 PMPhoto Credit: Flickr User Dennis Sylvester Hurd

With the holiday season sneaking up on everyone, it is important that college students focus on giving back.

Depression gets harsher when the seasons change. November and December can be very dreadful to people who have experienced things like losing loved ones or not getting gifts. Some don’t even have families to spend holidays with. To ease the pain of the seasons, here are some of the easiest ways to give back.

Canned goods drive

Most families have a grand feast for Thanksgiving. They invite the whole family over and cook big meals and throw the leftovers away.

However, not everyone can afford the huge turkey your grandma made or the expensive ham your auntie bought. Be considerate of others and take some canned goods to your local soup kitchen. Maybe even take some leftovers to your neighbors or a family in need. Get creative! Take a nice big box and place it in a popular busy area and collect can goods for the needy.

Challenge your friends to give back by donating to your canned goods drive.

Christmas caroling 

Believe it or not, performing your favorite Christmas songs for the less fortunate can make their entire holiday season better.

“You could sing songs like ‘Jingle Bells,’ ‘Silent Night,’ ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ and even ‘Feliz Navidad,’ said Hampton University student Brandon Ballard, a sophomore from Virginia.

Christmas caroling is a holiday art and always a fun time. You don’t have to sound like Mariah Carey when you sing; simply spreading holiday cheer is enough.

Ring the bell 

The Salvation Army does a special service to volunteers for youth groups that allows people to ring a bell for donations to the needy in return for community service hours. You usually catch these people outside of grocery stores and shopping centers. You can sign up easily on the Salvation Army’s website.

Donate clothing 

Most people have clothing articles they haven’t worn in years. The holidays are all about giving, so it’s the perfect time to give up some of those old clothing items. The products you donate are cleaned and sold for almost 75% less than the original price.

“Goodwill, local thrift stores, and the Salvation Army are where I like to give my old hats and shoes,” said Hampton University student Melvin Forrest, a sophomore cybersecurity major.

This is our community; this is our would. Spread some love whenever you can.

Make the best out of the holidays.

Don’t let the holidays make you.


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