Issa Rae launches her record label

Alazja Kirk | Staff Writer

Issa Rae

Photo Credit: Associated Press | Jordan Strauss

While many of us have been waiting for her HBO television series Insecure to return for its fourth season, Issa Rae has her mind set on plans of her own. She is continuously making nonstop money moves, including her recent partnership with Amazon, making her the new voice of Alexa, as well as the launch of her very own record label.

On Oct. 18, Rae announced the launch of Raedio and a joint venture with Atlantic Records. From a television sensation starring in multiple television projects and upcoming films, she is now transitioning into the music industry. The two-time Golden Globe-nominated actress continues to demonstrate that she is a woman of many talents.

In an interview with Variety, Rae opened up about the critical role music plays in every project she has created. From this, she has grown a passion for working with new artists looking for their big break.

“Raedio allows me to continue that work within the music industry and the audio entertainment space,” Rae told Variety. “The Atlantic Records team is innovative in terms of culture, change and configuration. I am excited to join forces with them to discover new artists.”

Rae also told Variety that Raedio would extend its influence across media by aligning its talent with film and TV projects, commercials and podcasts.

“This is an opportunity to gain exposure,” said Angelette Florence, a Hampton University architect major from New Jersey. “I know a lot of people who are looking for a way to be noticed and expose their music to different crowds of people. It’s inspiring that so many new opportunities are constantly created in the music industry.”

Rae told Variety that she wants Raedio to be an “audio everywhere company.” In other words, the projects produced by Raedio will offer affordable, endless streaming of wireless audio over existing Wi-Fi networks so consumers can listen anywhere at any time without a time limit.

Atlantic Records Chairman also released a statement praising Issa Rae for breaking down barriers with her “future-thinking creative force” and bringing an enthusiastic passion, inspiration and taste to the formation of Raedio. In addition to creating opportunities for upcoming artists, Rae announced that that label would oversee the complete creative and legal aspects of music for HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show.

“I think it’s great that she has started her label and created jobs that allow graduates and students to achieve their aspirations,” said Laura Paul, an HU biology major from Philadelphia. “Now, I think I’m a bit more anxious for this new season of Insecure.”

      Insecure will return to HBO for its fourth season in 2020. In the meantime, fans can check out Raedio’s first release, “Kinda Love” by TeaMarr, along with a music video featuring Issa Rae.


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