A pain in my class: College relationships

Kailah Lee | Staff Writer

Dating in college can be such a messy cycle. Hampton University is a relatively small school. Most students know each other or at least know of each other, so shared partners wouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise. 

Usually, students aren’t looking for their lifelong partner immediately. Instead, they would rather weigh their options. After all, who wants to put all their time and energy into someone who isn’t right? It’s up to you and your partner to come to an understanding. There should be clear communication between the two of you. 

Dating in life and dating in college are two different things; college dating is a petri dish of experience whereas dating in general is the microscope. So how does one go about deciding if they should break it off or settle down while
in college?

“College is a place where we’re supposed to grow, learn about ourselves and contribute to the world around us. So, if they’re not growing with you and
working toward being a better version
of themselves, it’s pointless,” said HU student Jasmine Morton, a senior kinesiology major and biology minor from Arlington, Virginia.

Being that college is all about self-discovery, you can’t limit yourself. You must remember the reason you came to school in the first place. Finding that one along the way is just a plus. Also, it’s best to not force it. If it happens, it happens. College love stories may seem idealistic and unattainable, but it may not be in your best interest at the moment. A lasting and healthy relationship comes with patience. After all, you may just want that person for a phase you’re going through. You encounter so many different personalities and you learn that people value certain aspects of dating differently.

Sex is such a controversial topic because there are so many ways to bond with a person. When sex is involved, it’s much easier to miscommunicate the seriousness of a relationship. Some understand sex as a powerful and sacred connection between two people whereas others have a much more casual sense of that type of intimate connection.

According to HU student Kwabena Hopkins, a senior psychology major, getting serious is determined by “how much conversation we enjoy without sex. If I enjoy being around you with-
out the need of sex, it’s a sign we can take it further.”


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