Men & Women Caucus Presents: Camp Caucus Carnival

Shadae Simpson | Staff Writer

Members of the Men’s and Women’s Caucus hosted their own Camp Caucus Carnival in the Student Center Atrium on Oct. 10. Women’s Caucus and Men’s Caucus is a branch of the Student Government Association (SGA). 

The organization is committed to leading, empowering and serving the Hampton University community and beyond. HU senior Ileana Fenwick, a marine environmental science major from Bowie, Maryland, who is serving as the Women’s Caucus Director for the second year, said that “The ultimate goal of the event was for everyone to engage and to have everyone leave knowing at least one new person. I have actually already met a few people from one of the stations we have called Speed Dating Friends!” 

The carnival, which was originally titled “Everybody Matters,” was creat- ed in order to shine a light on campus organizations, especially if they are not well-known. In addition to speed dating with friends, the carnival provided stations for students to mingle with one another including musical chairs, a beanbag toss, karaoke, a pie toss and many more fun activities. 

“Being that our campus is filled with so many different organizations, it’s hard to make sure that they all receive the attention they deserve.

This event is a really fun way for not only organizations to grow but businesses as well,” said Women’s Caucus member Carlie Beard, a senior journalism major from Cleveland, Ohio. 

Brother to Brother, a mentorship program for the Hampton Roads area, is one organization that attended the carnival. Members mentor children from ages 6 to 17. Brother to Brother provides each of its members with a “little brother,” who they hang out with and tutor every Saturday. The Campus Caucus Carnival brings attention to organizations such as this one and has a positive impact on HU’s campus as well as the people the organization’s members serve. 

Overall the event had an excellent turnout. Students who were not current- ly involved in Men’s or Women’s Cau- cus or other organizations walked away with more information about how to be a part of all that Hampton University has to offer. 

“So far, this event has been a great turnout, so hopefully you will see some more of the Men & Women Caucus throughout the year,” said Men’s Caucus member Kiatre Kately, a senior electrical engineering major from Norfolk. 

Be on the lookout for more updates from the Men’s and Women’s Caucus by following them on Insta- gram @hu_wc and @hu_menscaucus. 


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