Looking in Hindsight and beyond with Hampton creative Deanna Blu

Brandi Hutchinson | Staff Writer


Courtesy of Deanna Blu

Hampton University is an inclusive institution that embodies art and its various forms. Every year, more creatives are enrolled from all over to continue their journey of making art.

Deanna Blu is one of those multitalented creatives.

The senior strategic communication major, also known as Masie Blu, is an indie soul artist from Philadelphia. Blu is a singer, songwriter and producer who not only creates music to express herself but also to uplift and inspire others. She breaks societal barriers by utilizing her talents to define art in her own way through music and other forms. She constantly takes full advantage of the role the artist plays in society by using her creative expression.

“Art is a beautiful outlet to share,” Blu said. “I identify with all forms of art. I create sculptures, paintings, poetry, songs, choreography, photography and video edits. I love art. I enjoy songwriting the most.”

Deanna Blu released her debut album Hindsight on March 25. Hindsight is the understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed. Blu uses the meaning of the word “hindsight” to help her depict the message of growth and transformation through her piece of work. She expresses her understanding of the lessons learned after experience and the growth she gained behind it.

“I loved the actual definition of hindsight when I discovered it,” Blu said. “My album Hindsight was written because the songs I wrote are about lessons that I turned into gems.”

Her hometown of Philadelphia, family, experience at Hampton University and God all played major roles in inspiring the project. Hindsight contains 14 songs with features from artists such as FR33SOL and OSHUN. The project provides a glimpse of who Deanna Blu is and her experiences.

“My favorite song on the album is gratitude,” said Lea Luellen, an HU senior journalism major. “This song helped me look at every situation from a grateful perspective. This song helped me elevate myself out of shame, sorrow and sadness by helping look for what I can be thankful for in each situation.”

The following is from The Hampton Script’s exclusive chat with Deanna Blu.


HS: Describe a typical day in life of Blu.

DB: Talking to my family members, being outdoors in nature, eating a delicious plant-based meal, writing, creating/planning a creation.


HS: Why art in the form of music?

DB: It’s been my calling since I was very young.


HS: What does music mean to you?

DB: Music to me is creative communication.

HS: What memorable responses have you had to your work?

DB: As far as media coverage, I’ve been featured by Afropunk, The Washington Post and InStyle Magazine. I truly value my listeners from all over the world. I have monthly listeners and viewers on my media content engaging and supporting me from countries including Chile, Ghana, London, Brazil and the United States.


HS: How was Hampton contributed to your content?

DB: Hampton has exposed me further to so many written communications and visual communications. I have been able to create personal content from the skills learned at the university.


HS: What is your dream project?

DB: My dream project is actually to travel the world sharing live music, new music. Hindsight is a part of my dream, but I am working on a new project, and each project will develop more, so the dream project would be done as I travel and grow.


HS: What was the process like making Hindsight?

DB: It took over two years for me to write, record and get the songs for Hindsight all mixed, mastered and published. The process overall taught me the importance of faith and patience.


HS: Where can we access Hindsight and the rest of your art?

DB: Please follow me on Instagram @DeannaBluTru. Others can access my media on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and all other major music platforms by searching “Deanna Blu.”


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