How to love yourself in a world full of “Hampton Women”

Myeshia Barrett | Staff Writer

As Hampton University students, we have all walked down the streets of William R. Harvey Way and spotted a girl dressed like she’s attending New York Fashion Week. This type of girl is typically considered the ideal “Hampton Woman.”

For generations, the reputation of women who attend Hampton University has been upscale. Hampton women are usually prominent, successful young ladies who are always are rocking the trendiest clothes. However, this perfect persona people assume of Hampton women is not always true.

“However, this perfect persona people assume of Hampton women is not always true.”

– Myeshia Barrett

There are various types of Hampton women; they come in all shapes, sizes, religions and ideals.

Contrary to popular belief, Hampton women don’t all have 30-inch lace fronts. It’s often difficult for girls at Hampton to completely love themselves without comparing themselves to their peers.

Destini Harris, a freshman journalism major, often feels like she stands out of the crowd because she prefers jeans and a T-shirt to designer clothing.

“Sometimes it’s discouraging seeing all these beautiful girls, and me just looking regular,” Harris said. “But, I know I’m [at Hampton] for a reason. Dressed up or not, we’re all on an equal playing field.”

Being on a predominantly female campus, Hampton men have established their own definitions of what a Hampton Woman is.

Senior strategic communication major Josh Haggins said it isn’t the superficial characteristics in a woman that draws him to her, but her character.

“I don’t discriminate, [I’m more attracted to the girl that’s] chilling because she’s comfortable. She doesn’t need designer to define her as a person, her personality should do that for her,” Haggins said. “But don’t get me wrong, I definitely appreciate when Hampton women show out. It’s next level!”

Thirty years from now, it won’t matter what shoes you wore, how your hair looks or which jeans you bought. What will matter is what you learned at Hampton, the relationships you built and the legacy you leave behind.


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