Don’t be overcome by stress; overcome it

Mia Concepcion | Staff Writer


Flickr User Skeyndor

College is a fast-paced introduction to adulthood and real-world problems.

Students are constantly rushing to complete class assignments and get those A’s that their parents are expecting. Extracurricular activities are calling them, requesting their time and participation in events that they’re hosting. Meanwhile, the social pressures to party and the need to attend everything “lit” just to exhale from life’s stressful demands can sometimes be exhausting. Amid the noise, you can still find peace. College does not always have to be synonymous with stress or sleep deprivation. It is still an enjoyable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Because the life of a college student can be hectic, it’s easy to become scattered and disorganized when trying to remember approaching deadlines and obligations. Avoid this confusion by using a daily planner. This blueprint offers direction and a fixed focus while allowing you to practice organizational skills. Be sure to list tasks in order of urgency and complete the items that need immediate attention first. Handling responsibilities in the proper order will help to relieve stress.

Though unconventional, mindfulness journaling is a recommended practice to combat stress. It is so easy to become entangled in our web of emotions that derive from stress, but they must be regulated. Emotional regulation/discipline will reduce the tendency to exacerbate or overthink personal issues. Even acknowledging that those feelings exist, questioning their presence, and reflecting on this emotional buildup will help identify stressors and control your reaction to them.

Be intentional with time. Students scurry to submit assignments right before 11:59 p.m. or wait until the night before to start an assignment. Doing so leaves no time for revisions and it’s unlikely the best work will be submitted. Procrastination never leads to victory, but being proactive does.

Micah Webster, a junior from Michigan, prioritizes time. “For example, if I go to the library, then I make sure I have a specific task and put my phone in a different room. If I’m hanging out with my friends for an hour, then I like to maximize my time with them for an hour.”

Instead of letting the workload pile up to the ceiling, gradually work on the assignments over time. Working incrementally eliminates stress and frees up space on your schedule. There’s more time to tend to yourself, or go to that party that everyone has been raving about.

Most importantly, don’t neglect self-care. Self-care is a practice of self-love, and that should always be given. Academic obligations, family uproars, valuable relationship maintenance and emotional drainage can be so overwhelming that there is no time to handle personal needs.

Make yourself a priority. Whether it be watching your favorite movie, listening to your favorite song or simply exercising, just be sure to restore yourself after all that energy has been expended. It’s crucial to recharge, and you should not feel guilty for trying to. Let your mind breathe by putting school on pause and shifting your focus to yourself for a change.


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