Unlocking your full potential

Mia Concepcion | Staff Writer



Everybody wants to reach their full potential. People are eager to be freed from the cage they have been kept in. The lack of self-knowledge is what holds such treasures hostage, and in turn, leaves one with a part of the self unexplored. Be the “more” that you were called to be by birthing new gifts, using them properly, and learning when to use them.

Becoming more starts by giving birth to your gifts, and the birth of gifts comes from recognition. We must recognize what these gifts are, the potential that they hold and how powerful they can be.

Sometimes, however, we do not initially perceive these treasures as “gifts” at the first glance because they appear to be so simple. Understand that the most powerful tools are often subtle and innate. Do not underestimate what you have. Know yourself enough to know that these gifts were not given to you by accident.

Ask yourself: How can I make a mighty impact with the tools I’ve been given?

Following the birth of your gift comes daily application. Ask yourself: How can I make a mighty impact with the tools I’ve been given? Because these gifts are overwhelmingly forceful, they must be used appropriately. Don’t abuse or corrupt them by adopting a selfish attitude. Use your gift with love and a willingness to serve, and seek to serve someone other than yourself.

Others will then be touched, a seed will be planted, and your gift will gain momentum with its effectiveness. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to activate your gift. Do nothing with it in vain, and do not let it go to waste. Use as much of it as you can while here on Earth.

Finally, activate your gift by being fearless enough to actually use it. We fear the power we have always possessed but failed to use, and are unsure of seeing it come to life. People belittle who we are, causing us to adopt false perceptions of ourselves. Do not be afraid to be more than what others said you were. Furthermore, do not apply others’ limitations to yourself; those limitations do not exist unless you believe they do. You were called to live up to the standard of excellence given at birth, and part of it is derived from the innate gifts you have been blessed with.


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