It’s Binge SZN

Naomi Ludlow | Arts and Entertainment Editor


Flickr User Al Ibrahim

The semester is finally coming to an end. The light at the end of the tunnel is rapidly approaching, and for some of us that means catching up on some of our favorite shows. Whether you use Netflix, Hulu or your cable network of choice, you don’t want to miss out on the must-see series of this season.

Netflix released season two of On My Block last month, and this series has yet to disappoint. From the childlike humor to the seriousness of gang violence, this show encapsulates the life of teenage kids forced to balance their innocence and safety in South Central Los Angeles.

This season, we follow the four best friends after a traumatic incident that painfully scars them. The main character Ruby survived the shooting that ended season one, but we see how he deals with losing the love of his life. The other three friends make it their duty to cheer him up and show him that life is still worth living. However, dealing with grief is only one aspect of their lives.

There are many more twists and turns that will either bring this quartet together or drag them apart. Although On My Block showcases real life traumatic issues, it never fails to add in the comedic relief. There is never an episode where you aren’t laughing at a corny yet witty joke from one of the actors. If you binge watch On my Block, you won’t regret it!

Another raved about series of the season is Showtime’s The Chi. This drama series is similar yet so different from On My Block. In this series, we follow a few black boys at different stages of their lives. We follow a preteen named Kevin who is just trying to make it through school, teenager Emmett who is a momma’s boy dealing with the reality of being a dad, Brandon who is in his mid-20s trying to find his “come-up” to support his family and loving girlfriend and Ronnie who is trying to seek redemption before it’s too late.

These young boys and men are just trying to combat the violence and poverty that infest their neighborhood. Their stories collide over one fatal incident, but each has its own narrative. All of their journeys to simply do the right thing and prevail are showcased in this series. Season two has just started, so it isn’t too late to enjoy the moments of this story.

We can’t forget about the medieval fantasy that lured in its audience for seven seasons. Game of Thrones is back with its final season! The duel for the Iron Throne over the Seven Kingdoms continues. As the characters battle with good and evil, we see varying perspectives. The lives of these characters may be short-lived, but some may be able to withstand the circumstances thrown at them. Many acts of betrayal are shown because of the desire to be in power. No matter the drama, we are forever anticipating what will happen next. Don’t miss out on the series’ end!

Finals are just a few weeks away, and binge-watching is the perfect way to kick back and relax. Happy binging!


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